24Option Review: The Perfect Start to Cryptocurrency Trading With 24Option

24Option Review

Now that the world knows that cryptocurrency industry is here to stay, more and more people want to be able to trade digital coins. In the past, people were scared because they did not know about the future of the digital currencies. Today, you have hundreds of digital coins that are going to serve the world in different ways in the coming times. Now, if you want to trade digital coins, you first have to decide which platform you want to be at. You can go to cryptocurrency exchanges or you can start trading with one of the many online brokers.

One of the best online cryptocurrency brokers is 24Option. This broker has received a lot of admiration from the traders who want to be a part of the cryptocurrency industry. But the question is, “What makes 24Option a good choice for you to trade cryptocurrencies?” Let’s find out in this detailed 24Option review.

Introducing 24Option – A Perfect Cryptocurrency Broker

Before you ever put your trust in an online broker, you have to first make sure that it is licensed to provide its services. Starting a website is not a big deal in this day and age. You can pay a small monthly free and have your own website that you can run however you want. To be a broker who provides you with trading services, you need to obtain the proper licenses. If you are a legit company, you would not be afraid to put your licensing information right on the website. That’s exactly what you can expect from 24Option. The website is in a different name than the name of the company. The company is properly licensed and the license information is available on the website for you to see.

An important thing to know here is that you will be trading CFDs on the website. CFDs are contracts that allow you to trade any assets that you like without owning them. In short, you can trade the contract just like you trade an asset but you will never have the ownership of that asset. The best thing about this type of trading is that you can earn a profit from the lowering or rising prices of the asset. In addition to that, you get a lot of leverage that helps you enter large trades so you can make a lot of money in less time. In addition to cryptocurrencies, you can trade many other assets when you sign up with 24Option.

Why Start Crypto Trading Career with 24Option

So, why should you consider 24Option when there are so many other online brokers that you can trade cryptocurrencies with? Of course, this broker has to offer something special and unique to attract your attention. Here are the top reasons why you should start your cryptocurrency trading career with 24Option.

Lots of Options to Trade

A common issue you will face when you go to other brokers’ websites is that they don’t offer you a lot of options in the cryptocurrency category. In an attempt to stay on the safe side, they often do not offer you anything more than bitcoin. There is no doubt bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency today but it is not the only one. There are many other digital currencies that you can trade and earn profits from. The big ones that are here to stay should be provided to you by your broker for trading. You will be glad to know the options you are getting from 24Option.

When you are with this broker, you will be able to trade a variety of digital coins. Of course, you will be able to trade bitcoin as well. However, the other big currencies that are making a big impact in the blockchain industry today include ethereum, ripple, dashcoin, etc. You will find all of these and some more cryptocurrencies once you have joined the 24Option trading platform. The best thing is that you will get some tight spreads so you can make great profits from your trades at the end of the day.

Lots of Fiat Currencies to Exchange

Another big issue you will notice with other brokers is that they do not offer you anything more than the USD to trade your bitcoins with. It just limits you as a trader. What if you are from a different country and you are not interested in trading US dollars only? That’s where you will get a huge advantage for signing up with 24Option. In addition to the many cryptocurrencies, you have a lot of options in the fiat currencies too. You have GBP and EUR that you can trade with all the cryptocurrencies that are available on the trading platform from 24Option. So, if you want to trade your GBP for ethereum, you don’t have to go through multiple exchanges to first convert your currency into US dollars.

Proper Education for New Traders

You are going to love the fact that there is a lot of education available from the broker to teach you how to trade. In this education, you will learn about various trading strategies. The best thing is that you will also learn specifically about cryptocurrencies and how to trade them. You don’t have to worry about what level of trading you are at. The educational material from the broker has been divided into many different sections. Each section has been designed for a particular type of trader. If you are a new trader, you can go for the material which is meant for new traders.

You can also find a lot of training material for advanced traders. What’s impressive about this training material is that it teaches you trading in its many forms. You don’t have to pay high fees of the teachers to learn to trade cryptocurrencies when you have 24Option.

Perfect Platform for Trading

In addition to the things stated above, you will also be compelled to admire the trading platform from 24Option. You have to know that the trading platform you will be on with this broker is MT4. This is the best trading platform in the industry and it has been this way for several years now. You don’t have to think twice before you start using this platform. You will access all the necessary tools of trading in addition to a user interface which does not require more than five minutes for you to learn.

A modern trading platform cannot be called great if it is not compatible with the modern devices and operating systems. Once again, 24Option will impress you with what it has done with the platform. Whether you are using a desktop computer or a mobile device, this trading platform will run on all these devices with ease. More importantly, it is compatible with all the major mobile operating systems out there including iOS and Android. You can also decide whether you want to use the software in downloadable form or not. If you don’t like downloading things on your device, you can use the web version of this platform.

So, just because you want to start your cryptocurrency trading career does not mean you have to switch the devices and operating systems you are using. The best thing is that you will be trading with one of the best online brokers for cryptocurrency trading. Not only does will be enjoying the best platform of the industry for trading but 24Option will make sure that you get the best rates when you trade cryptocurrencies. The tight spreads are perfect for new traders to start without putting too much at risk.

Undeniable Good Customer Service

Last but not least, you can never ignore the importance of good customer service regardless of which type of career you are looking to start. In fact, customer support is even more important in this area because you are putting a lot of money on the line. Not getting proper help from the company at any given moment can end you up with a loss of thousands and millions of dollars. The best thing about the customer service from 24Option is that you get the live chat option right on the website. This chat is provided by professionals of the company who are willing to answer your questions instantly when you land on the website.

You can also send an email to the company when you have to. The broker will ensure that your questions are answered thoroughly within 24 hours of your inquiry. The emailing option is also available on the website.

Bottom Line

There should be no doubt in your mind that all the features of 24Option are perfect for a new trader to start a trading career. There is no trading career better than trading cryptocurrencies with lots of leverage and very tight spreads. Furthermore, you don’t want yourself to be limited to trading only bitcoin. 24Option gives you the best opportunity to diversify your cryptocurrency trading portfolio by making a lot of cryptocurrencies available for trading. In addition to that, you can also trade forex, commodities, energies, stocks, etc. with this broker.

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