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Russia to Implement Crypto Tax Before Regulation

After a meeting in the Russian Committee for Digital Economy, it was decided that the federation will implement guidelines for taxing cryptocurrencies before legislative processes…

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FCA Set to Receive Expanded Mandate From UK Government

The United Kingdom government plans to give the country’s regulatory body power to oversee cryptocurrency regulation. UK Cryptocurrency Regulation Imminent According to The Guardian, the…

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Cryptocurrency and Criminality

We all know the technology behind cryptocurrency — the blockchain technology with no third parties, no need for verification, no need for any unnecessary questions…

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Which Cryptocurrency Is The Most Used As Money, Bitcoin Or Altcoins?

Which among the cryptocurrencies is most widely accepted as money all around the world? Bank of America, Nouriel Roubini: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies produced…

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“Bitcoin Trader” – Anonymous Presents New Software For Breaking the London Stock Exchange (Quit your job in a month!)

When British residents utilize the Anonymous System, they can generate up to £5000 each month. Anonymous made great ripples all over Britain when they shared…

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