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Latest Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks Shows Need for Effective Regulations

A little bit of failure is an inevitable part of new technologies. We cannot, however, afford to overlook a succession of blunders whereby large sums…

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Cryptocurrency and Criminality

We all know the technology behind cryptocurrency — the blockchain technology with no third parties, no need for verification, no need for any unnecessary questions…

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Cryptocurrency Safety – Is Bitcoin Safe?

Everyone is talking about the future of Bitcoin and the buzz that it has brought with it in the last few years. The biggest issue…

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Weekly Update: This Week In Cryptocurrency Regulation News Sep 29th 2017

Another interesting week in everything regarding cryptocurrency regulations. Russia has been sending mixed signals, Malta might try to regulate, India is looking to find it’s…

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North Korea Has Found A Way Around Sanctions: Steal Bitcoin

Beset by international sanctions, the North Korean government has begun hacking into cryptocurrency exchanges to steal bitcoins, researchers say. At least three South Korean bitcoin…

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