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Porn Cryptocurrency CEO Goes Missing “With his entire investors’ cash” After Creating Bitcoin-type Structure For XXX Videos

Four Fantasy Market investors have alleged that the founder did not reimburse them. Jonathan Lucas had said he was trying to collect a maximum of…

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Regulatory Warning Reduces the Risks Involved in Initial Coin Offerings

According to many financial services, the ordinary retail investors and the businesspersons are asked to follow certain rules while investing into highly speculative and risky…

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FINMA (Swiss regulator) and ASIC (Australian regulator) Weigh In On Initial Coin offerings

Several news portals and financial / cryptocurrency news websites have been reporting on these 2 news subjects since the weekend. For example reported on…

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Initial Coin Offering Ban – South Korea Has Banned Korean ICOs

This is the South Korean news post that has sparked the latest round of panic and maybe even market price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency world….

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U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Charges Maksim Zaslavskiy, Owner Of REcoin ICO and DRC World ICO With Defrauding Investors

For the First Time, An Initial Coin Offering And Its Owner Are Charged By The SEC The 2 initial Coin Offerings that were charged with…

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