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2017 Was a Crucial Year for Cryptocurrency Regulation

The year experienced fluctuating cryptocurrency costs and endless initial coin offerings. So, it is not astonishing that in 2017, regulators all over the globe came…

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Bitconnect Scam: Bitconnect Ponzi Scheme – No Sympathy From Crypto Community

What looked too good to be true ended up being just that, as Bitconnect has all but closed its doors. Long accused of being a…

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Porn Cryptocurrency CEO Goes Missing “With his entire investors’ cash” After Creating Bitcoin-type Structure For XXX Videos

Four Fantasy Market investors have alleged that the founder did not reimburse them. Jonathan Lucas had said he was trying to collect a maximum of…

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Man’s $22,000 Goes Missing in Cryptocurrency Swindle: “I Disclosed the Password to Him”

Three years back, Chris Dejrit claims an intoxicated driver hit him, rendering him partially disabled. He could not work, and according to him, he invested…

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Cryptocurrency Safety – Is Bitcoin Safe?

Everyone is talking about the future of Bitcoin and the buzz that it has brought with it in the last few years. The biggest issue…

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