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If you make categories of the online brokers, you will see two big ones. The first category of brokers focuses on the experienced traders whereas the other one focuses on new traders. There are very few brokers that have found the perfect way to target both these types and Kodimax is one of them. Despite its services being perfect for new and old traders, it is the new traders that seem to be using the Kodimax platform a lot. It is a clear indication that this broker is offering them something that others brokers haven’t. Let’s explore the Kodimax features that make it so suitable for new traders.

How Kodimax Is A Great Broker for New Traders

You Can Open an Account Easily

The first challenge for any new trader is to be able to open an account. People who want to start their trading career for the first time are very cautious. They don’t want their money to go to waste. In fact, they want to put only a very small sum of money on the line at first only to test waters. However, some brokers have huge initial deposit requirements. This can be disappointing for traders on a budget. That’s where Kodimax makes things quite affordable for new traders. The basic account from the broker can be opened with only 500 GBP. You can see that you are not putting a lot of money on the line while getting a chance to trade in some of the best financial markets of the world.

Kodimax Signing Up

You Can Trade with the Peace of Mind

Are you sure the money you are depositing in your account will not disappear? Do you know that the information you enter on the website can be stolen? Is your broker taking the right measures to make these areas safe for you? Kodimax is definitely taking all the measures that need to be taken to make these things safe. Your money will go in a separate account where only the funds from the traders are maintained. Secondly, your information is fully encrypted as soon as you provide it on the website. Encrypted information is in such a form that the third parties cannot understand it even when they look at it.

You Can Use Leverage With Kodimax

Kodimax is all about CFD trading. When you do this type of trading, the first thing you expect from your broker is the leverage. Is your broker giving you the right leverage so you can enter some big trades? Will you be limited to the amount of money you have deposited in your account alone? If so, you will take a lot of time to make any significant amount of money through profits. However, once you sign up with this broker, you get huge leverages on your trades. You deposit a very small amount in your account but with the leverage, you can control big trades and make huge profits.

You Can Trade Cryptocurrencies

Kodimax Has a Variety of Account Types
Kodimax Has a Variety of Account Types

For a broker to offer something special to the new traders, it has to bring cryptocurrencies into its asset index. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of online brokers that have not even thought about this particular option. They have not realized that a huge population of traders from around the world wants to trade cryptocurrencies. People have started to understand the concept of digital coins and they also know that cryptocurrency market is one of the most lucrative markets for their investments right now. A broker in today’s world starts to look outdated when it does not have the cryptocurrency market on its asset index.

Kodimax is a new broker but it has already brought cryptocurrencies to its platform. What makes it even special is the fact that the broker has made numerous digital currencies available for the traders. When you sign up with Kodimax for trading digital coins, you are not limited to the biggest currencies like bitcoin and ethereum. In fact, you can also trade bitcoin cash, litecoin, ripple, neo, etc.

You Can Get Trading Education

Education is another thing that can help a broker win or lose in the competition. First, you have to offer some sort of education to anyone who joins your platform. Secondly, you have to make sure that your training material is good enough to offer value to the traders. That’s another area where Kodimax has put in some great efforts. The broker has compiled some good training material for new as well as experienced traders. If you open a basic account, the partial access to training material still makes sure that you are able to understand the basics of trading. The rest of the material goes deeper into trading but you can access it only with an advanced account.

Kodimax trading education

They Give Good Customer Support

Customer support is something that a broker can use to break off the traders from another broker. When a trader has some issues, the broker has to be there to help him/her. Kodimax has made available multiple ways for its traders to get in touch with it. If you want to send an email, you can send an email. If you want to call the company, you have multiple numbers that you can call. The best thing is that you have the live chat option as well. If you are in a hurry and need answers to your questions on an urgent basis, there is no option better than the live chat feature right on the website of the broker.

Kodimax customer support

Final Thoughts About Kodimax

You can see from the features stated above that there are all the good reasons for the new traders to move to Kodimax. They enjoy some great trading conditions in addition to having access to the cryptocurrency market. They can trade a variety of digital coins and also take home some big profits by using the leverage. The platform is safe and the money they deposit in their account is safe too. In a nutshell, Kodimax does not leave many reasons for new traders to hate it or not use its trading platform.


  1. I have been a client of Kodimax for more than 2 years and I’ve seen through all the bonuses and other rewards that they offer, yeah it’s real.! Thank you Malvina Eriksson to recommend Kodimax.

  2. I was new to trading and was facing many problems; then I consulted Malvina Eriksson, it helped me a lot about how to trade. Now I’m doing very well. Her reliable advice regarding crypto trading has boosted my profit.

  3. Tobias Fredriksson is an extremely knowledgeable and polite man, who’s guidelines really help me for my Kodimax account.

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