15 New Projects Doubles Astar (ASTR) Price In April

ASTR is planning to launch 15 new projects in April after a $22 million fundraising and a 100% gain in its price.

The ecosystem of Polkadot (DOT) after completing its initial auctions of parachain has begun to become popular with the crypto community as its first chains start to come online and integrate with Ethereum (ETH).

Astar (ASTR) is one of the Polkadot (DOT) based programs that completed its month of March on a lucky streak after the smart contract platform of the multi-chain gained the attention of investors from institutional and retail crypto.

TradingView and Markets Pro from Cointelegraph data is showing that on Mar 22 after reaching the low of $0.107 the ASTR price has jumped 104% from $0.208 to the daily high on April 1 after the token demand has increased 20 fold.

There are three reasons which increased the demand that includes, successfully completing the $22 million fundraisings, the Astar ecosystem expanded via partnerships and launching protocol, and total value locking and users increase on the network of Astar.

The advancement that supported Astar to progress it made in 2022 was the $22 million fund it successfully raised on January 28.

Crypto.com Capital, Alameda Research, Polychain, Digital Finance Group, and Alchemy Ventures participated in the fundraising alongside investors from multiple angels like Richard Ma, Keisuke Honda, and Gavin Wood.

Astar launched the mainnet on January 17 following the fundraising which would be used to support the developing ecosystem of Astar for helping both WebAssembly and Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM), which allow the developer to deploy current Polkadot smart contracts and Solidity contracts.

Astar has launched multiple projects on the network during the months since it launched the mainnet and planning to add even more projects in the month of April.

It has plans of launching around 15 new projects on its network in a push for attracting more new users and that’s why referring to its projects in the month of April as “Astar Season”.

The new launches are including decentralized Finances protocols (DeFi) like Alnari Finance and Avault, AstridDAO, Astar Farm’s game protocols, and ADAO from the decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs). A new partnership is also announced by Astar with Oasys which is a blockchain with layer-one constructed for game developers.

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