7Online Review – Trade a Full Pack of Cryptocurrencies

7Online Review

Above-expectations performance this year had shown once again that there is still uncovered potential in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. The financial industry can be reshaped using the blockchain and despite a lack of adoption, cryptocurrencies still can increase in popularity.

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the activities people choose to get involved, as volatility and the speculative nature of these instruments generate many opportunities. 7Online is a cryptocurrency trading platform designed for people that believe in cryptocurrencies and would like to focus full time on this market.

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An Overview of 7Online

Owned by RedRock LTD, this is a relatively new trading ecosystem optimized for cryptocurrencies, providing access to multiple trading features and tools with proven efficiency for cryptocurrency trading. 7Online wants to be part of the growing crypto industry and because of that, it currently provides its services for a global audience.

Traders working with this brand would need to advocate for strict rules, especially in terms of AML. The 7Online Compliance requirements make it mandatory for all users to provide identification documents. Withdrawals from a trading account are prohibited until the verification phase is completed.

7Online Features

  • Cryptocurrency coverage – with tens of cryptocurrencies covered, 7Online is well-positioned to provide highly competitive services. Traders wanting to trade crypto will benefit from a broad range of tokens, including high-ranking ones like Bitcoin, Ether, or Litecoin, as well as plenty of other altcoins, such as Neo, Cardano, Ethereum Classic, Tezos, Monero, ZCash, or Stellar.
  • Trading platforms – traders can use either the web-based trading platform or the Android app, both optimized for cryptocurrency trading. 7Onlie relies on simple but cutting edge trading technologies and puts the quickest and most reliable trading tools in your direct control.
  • Customer service – to show that it is always customer-oriented, 7Online representatives are available 6 days a week via email or live chat. To solve technical difficulties or to find out more about the services provided, it is simple and very convenient to get in touch with customer support, without having to wait a lot of time.
  • Security – safety always comes first and because of that, 7Online is fortified with the latest and most advanced security measures in the industry, tailored towards giving you complete freedom to trade crypto. Your privacy and online security are always protected, considering crypto trading does not involve holding the underlying instruments.
  • Global coverage – 7Online is a global brand, wanting to serve customers in many different countries. The website is available in English and German, while in terms of the Web platform, there are more languages available.

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Deposits/Withdrawals with 7Online

As a global brand, 7Online supports some of the most popular funding methods, so people based in different countries will be able to deposit/withdraw money without any hurdles. Clients can use cryptocurrency, credit cards, or bank transfers to fund a 7Online account.

Based on the withdrawal policy, however, it is mandatory to provide a photo ID, proof of residence, and proof of payment (for credit card transactions only) to be eligible for a withdrawal. 7Online representatives will process each withdrawal request manually and assess if everything is ok.

This will ensure that all customers abide by the rules and at the same time, nobody will be able to withdraw money without ownership over the account. Funds security is key for 7Online and because of that, these procedures continue to be in play.

7Online Customer Support

Either using the live chat feature or the two official email addresses, anybody can get in contact with a 7Online representative. The service is available 24/6, which had become normal considering the 24/7 trading schedule for cryptocurrencies.

With well-trained representatives, 7Online proves a customer-oriented approach and wants to show that each client counts, regardless of country of residence, initial deposit, or other criteria.

Pros and Cons

  • Global trading brand supporting tens of different cryptocurrencies.
  • Innovative web platform and Android app.
  • Customer-oriented approach and professional representatives.

  • No iOS app is currently available at 7Online.
  • Phone support is not yet enabled.
  • The main focus is on cryptocurrencies only for the time being.

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There are enough reasons to believe that 7Online is a reliable and trusted cryptocurrency trading platform. Considering its commitment to provide some of the best trading features, this is a brand aiming to be in the industry for a long time. Its main goal continues to be reaching a wide range of traders from all around the world, promoting responsible crypto trading.

This is the right place for traders that want to focus 100% on the cryptocurrency market and take advantage of the opportunities arising each day. 7Online believes in the power of cryptocurrencies and based on that, it wants to show that transparency and rules-based trading ecosystems can function properly.

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