A New Advisor Joins Andreessen Horowitz

With the cryptocurrency industry constantly growing bigger in size, the regulatory concerns surrounding cryptocurrencies are also increasing. The regulatory authorities from all over the world are trying to impose stricter regulations on the cryptocurrency sector to control the situation.

Therefore, any company or firm wanting to venture into the cryptocurrency space is trying to ensure it has the regulatory understanding of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the firms are trying to bring people on board that are either from the legal sector from within the crypto-verse or from the government regulatory sectors.

This is exactly what Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent venture capital firm has done by bringing a very prominent person onboard as an advisor. The reports suggest that Andreessen Horowitz has recently brought onboard a former leader from one major regulatory authority from the United States.

As per the officials, the persona is from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) of the United States. Horowitz had confirmed that the particular person will be joining their team as a senior advisor around cryptocurrency regulations.

The officials at Andreessen Horowitz have revealed that the name of the person is Brian Quintenz. They have made it official through their website and all of their social media channels that they have brought Quintenz onboard. In the announcement, the Andreessen Horowitz executives have shared their joy over bringing Quintenz into their team. They have stated that one of the major efforts they could see in the cryptocurrency sector was the adoption of cryptocurrency regulations.

Their firm needed a lot of clarity and transparency in terms of regulations. Therefore, they are glad that they have managed to have Brian Quintenz join their team as an advisor. They stated that they have a world-class system with to be the line regulations and policies. Therefore, they wanted someone on the same level to manage these things.

This is the reason why they have hired Quintenz, making him part of their team. Quintenz will be sharing his vast experience in regards to the policies and regulatory requirements by the regulators for the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. The teams here are the firm will be able to learn so much from Quintenz who is one of the most respected former commissioners from the CFTC.

According to the announcement from Thursday, September 9, 2021, Quintenz will be joining Andreessen Horowitz as an advisory partner of the firm. Katie Haun, the general partner at Andreessen Horowitz talked about the importance and benefit of having Quintenz onboard.

Haun stated that with the passage of time, the regulatory network around cryptocurrencies has started tightening around the crypto-verse in the United States. Things are becoming more and more complex within the crypto sector and therefore, someone with high expertise in the regulatory sector was needed at the firm.

They are glad that they were able to bring Quintenz on board who will be filling the void.

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