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Blackstone500 Broker Review




BlackStone500 Broker review

Trading is a vast field that involves the trading of multiple commodities. There are various platforms that are offering tradable entities in favorable conditions. Some are experienced in providing Forex options while others are efficient in offering stocks and shares. With the rise of cryptocurrency on a wider level, some crypto exchanges evolved that offer reliable cryptocurrencies for traders.

Only a few platforms exist in the trading world, which offers all kinds of tradable products in one place. The major benefit of congregations of traded products is that a trader will not have to go for multiple trading platforms. But he can trade all the things in one place. I will recommend you to use BlackStone500 to trade things from stocks to cryptocurrency. In this review, I will tell you in detail about the broker, BlackStone500, so that, you will be able to use the site without any confusion.


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  • Blackstone500What is BlackStone500?
  • Activ8-Efficient Trading Platform
  • Extensive List of Trading Instruments
  • Account Types for Traders’ Ease
  • Low Commission Rates in the Market
  • Trading Tools and Guides
  • Is BlackStone500 a legit broker?
  • Interactive and Friendly Interface
  • Privacy
  • Customer Care
  • Professional Team at your Doorstep
  • Conclusion

What is BlackStone500?

BlackStone500 enables traders and investors to trade a wide variety of trading instruments in lowest commission rates. The stunning characteristics of the broker make it popular among traders and investors all over the world.

The broker site is owned and controlled by Smart Trade and Investment LTD, established in London, England. The registration number is shown at the end of the first page. This shows that it is a legal trading platform working under the rules and regulations of a trusted regulatory body. Being a member of a regulatory framework body, it offers services within the limits set by the regulation department.

BlackStone500 is integrated with a famous trading platform called Activ8 that lets users trade efficiently and assist them to make winning trades based on the technical analysis. The mobile version of the trading platform is available that allows customers to work from anywhere.

Activ8-Efficient Trading Platform

As BlackStone500 is a trusted broker out there, the trading platform, Activ8, integrated with is also known for providing an efficient environment for trading, giving a sense of security. The accessibility of Activ8 on every device makes it more charming for the customers.

The market analysis is very crucial to conduct profitable trading, full of winning opportunities. Technical analysis is done best when there are multiple technical tools to make price prediction. Activ8 is the one that assists you with exceptional trading experience and gives you a sense of maturity.

Activ8 is also accessible via mobile application. On its mobile version, there are exclusive trading options symbol charts, history of trades, three types of charts, popular technical indicators, financial news, the possibility to work from anywhere, and complete control over the trading account.

Extensive List of Trading Instruments

On this broker, you will come across a wide range of tradable products comprising of different categories from fiat currency pairs to crypto pairs. BlackStone500 has added two types of instruments: common and famous. Common instruments include Forex baskets, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrency. On the other hand, famous instruments include EUR/USD pair, gold trading, crude oil trading, and Bitcoin.

Forex baskets further comprised of three types of currency pairs: major, minor, and exotic. Major currency pairs are those that have high volume, and their liquidity is very high. The currency pairs in major categories include USD currency such as USD/CAD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and others. The minor ones are those whose liquidity is not very high and the US dollar is not included in the currency pairs. Finally, exotic currency pairs are those that are not liquid as their trading volume is very low. Exotic pairs are best for long term investment.

For investors, BlackStone500 listed top performing indices that lead investors to profit. The most famous indices provided by the broker include US30, SPX500, NAS100, UK100, GER30, and ESP35. The commodity market is big and the liquidity is very high. The broker offers traders to pick a commodity for trading from a wide list. Similarly, BlackStone500 offers popular and reliable cryptocurrency pairs trading with the US dollar. These crypto pairs include Bitcoin (BTC0, Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC).

The broker gives exclusive attention and coverage to the most famous trading instruments. The trading volume of these instruments is very high that makes these instruments special out of all tradable products.

Account Types for Traders’ Ease

Offering multiple accounts is a fantastic feature of BlackStone500. With this option, one can select an account according to his needs and investments plan. Every account comes with a variety of facilities that are important for the users. Traders can open particular accounts per their investment goals. There are three different types of accounts available for BlackStone500 users: standard, bold, and VIP.

Standard Account

This account is not for beginners only but experienced ones can also utilize it for trading. The standard account does not ask you to submit funds in bulk amount as it can open with only 250. With this account, multiple features are available to users that are not normally found in brokers.

Active8 can also be accessible to standard account holders, along with margin Call from 1.3. Traders are eligible to pick up any product for trading from a wide list including exotics, minor, major, metals, shares, stocks, cryptos, and other commodities. The broker provides a personal account manager to standard account’s owner along with customer support round the clock.

Bold Account

This account is for those who are willing to invest more than 3000. Bold account equips you with a lot of facilities, more than the previous one. For instance, senior account analyst is hired for Bold account’s owners along with personal account manager. They assist the users in every decision they take regarding trading investment and diversification.

Almost 80% of trading instruments are open giving unlimited opportunities for profit-making to traders. Besides stunning options, the margin call starts from 1.5 for the bold account.

VIP Account

All of the features are unlocked, which are locked for the previous accounts, for the VIP account. This account is for highly experienced traders and investors. One who has a high investment goal can opt for the VIP account. The margin Call for this account is highest, which starts from 0.1.

Unlimited facilities and tools are provided by BlackStone500 including Activ8, professional support, personal account manager, senior account analyst, senior account chief analyst, information, weekly trading session, daily signals, and the option for an Islamic account.

Low Commission Rates

BlackStone500 offers trading services in the lowest possible commission rates as compared to other brokers in the market. The competitive fee structure of the broker makes it a unique and renowned trading platform.

Traders want brokers to facilitate the trading process by charging low fee rates. BlackStone500 understand the traders’ needs and requirements and equip users with a low fee schedule for trading the comprehensive list of traded instruments. You will find the lowest fees on the broker as compared to other ones out there.

Trading Tools and Guides

BlackStone500 has a lot of stuff for the training of traders and investors. For example, they have added full detail about technical analysis including technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is very crucial to make successful trades ends in a lot of profit. Technical analysis is done on the past data exploiting the tools and indicators. For this purpose, the broker has listed proficient tools and indicators for users.

The broker also guides users and keeps them aware of every important news and event in the economic markets. They have exclusively added the section of ‘’Economic Calendar’’ for this purpose. To become a successful trader, the broker provides step by step guide.

Unlike other trading sites, BlackStone500 let its users read out detailed information about the economic world. For example, insights about global economics, trading strategies, and forex indicators are pasted on the broker’s website. This is a great place for beginners or new babies as everything is present smoothly with step by step guide.

Is BlackStone500 a legit broker?

The first priority of a trader should be to check the legitimacy of the broker, through which he is going to invest his money. This is important as there are a lot of scam brokers running in the market. These scam projects create a fake impression to make its image clear and then rob the money of the innocent people, especially new traders.

You need to be very sharp and smart at the time of any broker’s selection. Read out the customers’ comments about their experience with the broker and check out the honest reviews about the broker. These are all the things that should be kept in mind while choosing any brokerage.

BlackStone500 places the security of users’ assets in priority. The assets are encrypted with advanced technology and a first-class algorithm. You will not have to worry about your assets as BlackStone500 takes care of your capital and prevent any kind of vulnerable attack.  


Everything you share with the broker will remain private and the broker is not eligible to reveal your personal information per the company’s policy about users’ privacy. Even the staff behind the broker is not accessed to trader’s personal data.

At the time of registration, you are required to paste your basic info but only for identification. The broker uses top-notch technology to store customers’ assets and prevent all kinds of cyber-attacks. Start your trading voyage with the broker as privacy is the first priority of the BlackStone500.

Interactive and Friendly Interface

The complex interface, sometimes, creates problems for users result in a bad experience. The interface must be simple and intuitive so that customers will not confront any confusion while using the site. The transparency and easy to use website helps in creating a long-term relationship between a company and its users.

The interface of the BlackStone500 is very interactive and easy to follow. One will not find any issue or confusion while scrolling the broker’s website. Easy to navigate options assist users to use services instantly. However, if you have any issues in navigating the sections, you can seek help via the support team.

Customer Care

Customer support of the broker is active 24/5 that responds promptly to the users’ queries. The support team is comprised of highly professional members that guide you with proper instructions. You can also contact the broker by phone number as the helpline number is given at the end of the first page. They have also added the option of email as a substitute option. Based on my personal experience with the broker, I can say that Blackstone 500 left behind other cryptocurrency brokers in terms of customer care help.

Professional Team at your Doorstep

The broker is backed by a highly professional and experienced staff that specialize in providing trading assistance to the users. The support team of the BlackStone500 reacts promptly to users’ queries and advise a better solution.

The broker is also a creation of guru traders who have experience of years in the trading field. Such an outstanding broker team will help out you in becoming rich and wealthy by trading common and famous instruments. On opening an account with the broker, account managers are waiting at your doorstep. They will guide you in managing your account and how to diversify investment in traded products. The skillful account managers and account analysts will back you in making the right decision at the right time.

Summary of BlackStone500 Features

  • Great Trading Experience
  • Tight Spreads and High leverage on Forex Options
  • Outstanding Trading Platform-Activ8
  • Wide Range of Trading Instruments
  • Assistance of Account and Analyst Managers
  • Three Types of Accounts According to Traders’ needs
  • Low Commission Rates
  • Professional Customer Support


People trust BlackStone500 as it provides an outstanding experience of trading. The broker empowers its users with great trading tools and services to make trading profitable. Tight spreads and exceptional leverages on forex options make BleackStone500 more appealing to traders.


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