China Set to Launch First Blockchain-Powered Hospital in 2021 But it Faces Data Security Concerns

China is planning on rolling out a blockchain-enabled hospital in the country in the year 2021. Once launched, it will be the first-ever hospital that is powered by blockchain. Though China’s plans for launching this hospital are obvious, it is facing some data security and privacy concerns raised by some officials of the government.

According to a report, the hospital might have been launched six months earlier before the year 2021 if the integration of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) had been completed. However, now, the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University will reportedly roll out the pilot program of this hospital in the month of January next year.

As the hospital is powered by blockchain, therefore it will leverage blockchain technology for performing various tasks such as storing the data and information of its patients and their treatment. Moreover, according to the operators of this hospital, it will serve as an “internet hospital” for patients and they can access its services easily with the help of a WeChat applet.

However, there are some concerns over privacy and data security that has been raised by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s officials regarding this hospital. While sharing their concerns with the administrators and the management staff of the hospital, these officials said that they do not yet consider the infrastructure of blockchain technology safe and secure. They said that there are some data security and privacy issues they are concerned with.

While providing details on these concerns raised by the officials, the Director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University Niu Tie said that their information department is being pressurized by the government over this matter. In order to ensure the privacy of data, they have issued strict requirements. Keeping in view the data security perspective, the Ministry of Information has said that it will thoroughly explore and review “the application of blockchain”.

Niu Tie further added that the officials of the government are just making sure that the information or data of patients is verified and stored securely by the hospital.

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