Chinese Police Discovers Illegal Bitcoin Mining in Burial Sites

Chinese police discovers illegal Bitcoin mining in burial sites

The latest news coming out of China has shown that Chinese law enforcement agents have discovered an underground burial site operation that has been confirmed to be illegal Bitcoin mining sites. Beijing News, a local newspaper in the country reported that the illegal mining sites were found in the southern city of Daqing. The exact location of the mining sites was said to be two adjoining molds of underground burial sites in the southern city of China.

Bitcoin mined in the sites are with illegal and stolen electricity

The authorities launched an investigation into the region after the firms around the mining sites complained of severe power loss and outage. After some investigations, the police officers that were deployed to the site found out that they could access the area where the mounds were located. However, they just needed a little digging around the mounds which brought out the illicit mining site and it was discovered that they were running the miners on stolen and illegal electricity.

Speaking to newsmen, the police said, “After we got a tip-off that there were unexplained power losses, we decided to survey the area a little bit and that was where we found that we could access the mounds which led us to the discovery of the illegal mining site”. This case of illegal usage of electricity to mine Bitcoin is coming weeks after police in the Heilongjiang province announced that they discovered about 54 illegal Bitcoin mining rigs in a dog kennel in the region and has shut down all of it.

China clamps down on Bitcoin mining operations across the country

With the recent increase in the price of crypto witnessed across the globe, major big and small scale Bitcoin miners are willing to do more to get profits out of their mining business. However, the population of the Sichuan city of China has been asked to shut down all mining activities in the city or risk the wrath of the law. The province was said to have contributed about 10% to the global Bitcoin hash rate according to a study carried out by Cambridge University. It is noteworthy to say that the Sichuan city was the previous home of Bitcoin mining where the big players of the mining industries located their rigs because of the cheap power supply in the region.

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