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CoiniBank Review

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Trading is something that many used to avoid as they thought it would be only for the elite. But with the passage of time, it has become very clear that anyone can trade or invest. Therefore the trading world has experienced a large influx of traders and brokers such as CoiniBank. But many are not aware of this broker, so I thought to write this CoiniBank review so you can choose the broker that is most appropriate. But going back to the reason why most people were hesitant to join as they thought it was only for the rich people. This is something that has allowed the rich people to take up such good opportunities and make even more profits.

On the other hand, the people who are not as rich have avoided opportunities to trade and invest for so long, but now they too are joining in. This is due to awareness as they have realized how beneficial trading is. It provides users with the chance to invest whatever they have and make profits out of it. But back when trading had started, it was not so easy because it was physical it required a lot of effort and commitment. It also had certain restrictions, but since the technological advancement, trading has become online. All because of the internet, and it has been a blessing so far. Since the world is like a global village, it has allowed people to connect easily and make the most out of the web.

This means you can trade without any restrictions or boundaries. Even if you are travelling, your trades can continue without any problem. The same goes for work. If you are managing another job, that will not affect your trades as both things can go side by side. So online trading has allowed people to live a better life. It does not matter if they choose to trade full time or part-time as they can easily achieve their goal. All you have to do is look for a broker that meets your needs and start trading through them.

Now a lot of times, traders are confused and believe that they can trade without signing up with a broker. But that is not the case because, in order to trade, you have to register with a broker. Otherwise, you cannot gain access to the financial markets. As I mentioned, the whole trading process has gotten much simpler. You just have to look for the broker online and create an account. Then you can start trading, but remember to look for one that meets your requirements.

The good thing about trading is that there is no pressure to invest a certain amount. You are the one who gets to decide, so it will be up to you how much you want to start trading or investing with. This way, people who want to start very small to be on the safe side can do so very easily. But the most important thing is to find the right broker. I keep on repeating this because the type of broker you work with determines how your trading experience would be like. And whether your trading journey would be successful or not. If you are lucky enough to work with brokers like CoiniBank, then you will have a great time trading.

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In this review, I will discuss why CoiniBank is the broker you should go for by discussing the features which make it an outstanding platform for trading.

More About CoiniBank

This is a great trading platform as traders and investors from all over the world can purchase and sell different types of commodities. They can also get the chance to make a lot of profit from the investments that they make. The good thing about CoiniBank is that it has been created by a team of professional traders as well as managers that have years of experience in managing assets. This is a great thing as these professionals know exactly what a trader would require; therefore, they have made sure that the platform is the perfect package for aspiring traders. Another good thing is that users get the chance to check out many investment options. So CoiniBank does not restrict its users, but it gives them a chance to explore all types of investments. So let us look at what features stand out the most for CoiniBank.

The CoiniBank Website

It is natural for users to get overwhelmed when they are presented with many options, and this is common when users find out the number of options CoiniBank provides to its users for investment. But at the end of the day, we all have to admit it’s a great feature. Any platform that is able to provide numerous investment opportunities to its customers is a great one as it does not restrict them. Other than that, the CoiniBank website is a really advanced one. This feature also makes it very appealing to users. The great thing is that it was created in a very simple way, so users of all types can use it easily without any difficulty. And a lot of times, brokers make the mistake of creating websites that are complex, hard to use, and understand, but thankfully CoiniBank is not one of those. You will find that the website’s interface is very friendly, and it maintains a peaceful environment. This way, users do not get frustrated while using the site or accessing the services.

The website for CoiniBank is also very accessible. So whether you are using your laptop or phone or any other device, you just need to have access to the web. But if there are still many factors that do not seem as appealing to you, then you can do independent research and discover whether the features of CoiniBank would help you to trade or not. Another great feature of the website is that there is a ticker slide on the homepage, and this displays the best trading options and other financial news. Through this feature, users can stay updated on several different news and can avoid missing out on important information.

Assets At CoiniBank

If you are a trader that is interested in diversifying and broadening your portfolio, then CoiniBank is certainly meant for you. This is because, at CoiniBank, you will find such a long list of trading options. And not many brokers are able to provide so many options, but CoiniBank does. It prioritizes its customers and wants to help them make a profit and succeed in trading. So let us take a look at the assets you can trade through CoiniBank:

  • Forex

Forex trading pairs are the most popular asset in the market. And CoiniBank provides this option to the user. The reason why Forex is so popular is due to the chance of users being able to make so much profit because of it. There are also many options available when it comes to trading forex. At CoiniBank, you will get the chance to trade over 50 trading pairs which are amongst the best ones. As a trader, you can choose the trading pair which matches the country you are in or according to your needs. Here are some of the top trading pairs you will find at CoiniBank, EUR/USD, AUD/CAD, CHF/JPY, NZD/USD, and others too.

  • Indices

On CoiniBank, you will come across more than ten options for indices. All of these are very beneficial to trade and belong to the group of Indices that are extremely high in value. Some of the options you will come across are FTSE 100, DOW JONES, NASDAQ, and others too. CoiniBank provides its users with access to these options as it helps them to make better and wiser trading options.

  • Bonds

At CoiniBank, you will be able to get access to bonds that belong to 5 countries. These five countries are Germany, the USA, Canada, Italy, UK, and France. If you are worried about the bonds not being profitable, then do not be, because if you choose to invest in these bonds, it will help you by giving really high returns in the future.

  • ETF’S 

ETF stands for Exchange-Traded Funds, and this is a market that is quickly becoming a customer favourite. One reason for this is that the digital currencies present an ETF have really appealed to customers as a user of CoiniBank customers gets to access the most trustworthy ETF’s which are created by organizations like NASDAQ and S&P500.

  • Commodities

There are many brokers who do not allow users to trade or invest in commodities. But you will find no such restriction in CoiniBank as it allows its users to invest in different commodities. These include Silver, Gold, Wheat, Corn, Crude oil, and others too. There are also different categories in commodities which include soft and hard commodities. Soft commodities are agricultural products, whereas hard commodities are precious metals and energies.

  • Stocks

The collection of stocks is yet another thing that impresses many users. And CoiniBank does not restrict this opportunity to just experienced traders. Instead, it has made sure that any trader can access stocks of companies. The list of companies included is Google, BMW, Apple Inc., Bank of America, Amazon, Cisco Systems, and others too. The reason that CoiniBank users are very lucky is that these companies are the most successful ones in the market. But in terms of the future, they have such a huge potential too, which is why getting the chance to invest in the company stocks is amazing.

Digital Assets At CoiniBank

We are all very aware of how far digital assets have come. These have been extremely successful during the era of the digital world. And because we are becoming even more dependent on the internet day by day, the most successful and progressive currency is the digital one. To accommodate users who are focused on digital assets, CoiniBank has provided access to some of the top options. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets too. Other than this, CoiniBank also provides the users with CFD trading options. There is a whole section that is created just for CFD trading on the CoiniBank website.

Trading Platform Of CoiniBank

Trading platforms are an essential feature when it comes to an easy and successful trading experience. Without it, trading would be no fun, and it would just be a tiring activity all day long. If it was not for the trading platform, then traders would have to travel between brokers all day long in order to make a trade happen. But thanks to the evolution of trading, you can easily trade through trading platforms. You do not have to run from one broker to the next and can contact anyone from anywhere in the world.

Trading has been made even easier on CoiniBank due to the interface being very user friendly. This allowed traders of all types and experienced to easily use the site for trading. It also makes sure that traders can access the data they need for trading easily. This feature allows even the newbies to trade easily. Because many times brokers create complex trading platforms that only make it difficult for traders to navigate. But CoiniBank has made sure to implement a very simple design. Along with this, users also get access to various trading tools that are a great asset for trading.

Some of the tools you will get access to are Entry Limit, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Entry Stop Orders, and others too. You can also use charts and news and data projection as they are very helpful in making wise trading decisions. There are many more tools too, and one of the really good ones is the economic calendar. This is great for keeping a reminder for certain economic events, and you can also use trading signals to improve your trade executions.

You can also gain access to the trading platform through various devices, such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. CoiniBank has also created a mobile application for those users who are interested in accessing the platform while they travel.

CoiniBank trading platform

Customer Service At CoiniBank

Would you want to work with a company that does not care about its customer? Or a company that does not have enough time to help out its lost customers? I think not because no user wants to work with a company that does not help them out when in trouble. Because of this reason, I bring CoiniBank to your attention because it is the only company I know which puts effort into connecting with its customers. It has put a lot of effort into establishing a proper team for customer service.

This team consists of members that are professional to work with. They are also very friendly and experienced in their line of work. Another great thing is that they are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This means that no matter what day or time it si you can always depend on CoiniBank’s customer support team to be there for you. Sometimes platforms make the mistake of taking on a huge number of customers, but later on, they are unable to accommodate all of them. But with CoiniBank, this is not an issue. You can contact them easily and get the help that you need.

The company also assures its users that the help they will receive will be of the highest quality, and it will be done very professionally. Other than that, users can also visit the FAQs section on the website, which helps customers and guides them on some of the basic problems they can face during trading. But CoiniBank also lets some of its users get access to junior or senior advisors. These advisors help in providing professional help and guidance individually.

Security At CoiniBank

Security is the most important thing on the web. Without it, you cannot trade comfortably as you will never feel safe. For a customer, it is very important that their funds and private information are protected at all costs as this makes sure that no unauthorized person can get a hold of it. So when you choose a broker, you must go through the security measures that they use.

CoiniBank is a platform that takes its customer’s safety very seriously, and that is why it has many different layers of security. CoiniBank also agrees that customers need a safe environment in order to perform well. Otherwise, if they continuously worry, the trades are bound to be unsuccessful. So let’s take a look at the security measures CoiniBank takes.

  • KYC

This is a protocol that stands for Know Your Customer, and it basically ensures that all users are verified before they can gain access to the trading data. To complete this task, users have to submit certain documents so that the company can verify their identity.

  • AML

This protocol stands for Anti-Money Laundering, and it focuses on monitoring all the financial activities a user participates in. This way, if any user is involved inauspicious activity, an immediate stop can be put to it. There is also a severe punishment for those who go against the rules. As in the beginning, users have to agree to certain terms and conditions, and if you do anything against it, then you are violating the agreement.


There is no doubt that the online market has many risks which no user would want to bet on. But at the same time, if you work with a broker like CoiniBank, then there are so many benefits to enjoy.

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