Cryptocurrency News Aggregators: Top 10 Crypto News Aggregators In 2021

Crypto trading is one of those fields which are high in demand nowadays. As crypto assets are getting popular, more and more traders and investors are investing their capital in this field. But in order to step into the field and keep up with the latest market trends, investors need to know what is happening around the market. Without being aware of what is happening, no one in this field can survive as it is all about the market trends that you have to follow in order to earn profits. To help traders keep up with the latest news and happenings, cryptocurrency news aggregators come in very handy. The main work of these aggregators is to look out for different cryptocurrency activities anywhere, ranging from regulations, scams, investment opportunities, new crypto coins, and many more. But as you search up for cryptocurrency news aggregators, you are going to come up with many of them working out there telling different stories. A story reported by one aggregator is countered and disregarded by the second one, and it creates confusion for the traders.

In order to filter through these news aggregators, I have come up with a list of the top 10 cryptocurrency news aggregators. These are the platforms that list the headlines of what’s going on in the world of crypto trading. Below is the list of the top 10 cryptocurrency news aggregators.

Top 10 Crypto News Aggregators

  1. CryptoPanic

On the top of the list, we have one amongst the best cryptocurrency news aggregators known as “CryptoPanic.” The platform provided by CryptoPanic is providing a one-screen interface, where visitors can see the latest happenings in the world of crypto on a single page. The feature that CryptoPanic provides its visitors is that they can sort out the news in categories like “rising” to see which of the coins and cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Other than that, users have the ability to sign up, and the features broaden after that. For example, registered users can sort news according to the coins that they own at the instance, and they are going to get the relevant news regarding those coins only. This is going to help you to minimize the load of information that the dashboard is providing by removing irrelevant news.

Other than these features, CryptoPanic also allows users to use their powerful search bar, a feature of polls, and a sidebar that keeps you updated with the prices of all of the major coins. The traders are very interested in checking CryptoPanic every day to understand how things work in the field of crypto trading that is going to help them in future trading to earn a good amount of money. It has also been seen that some most experienced brokers have bookmarked CryptoPanic so that it is easier for them to log on to the platform every day to see what is going on in the market.

  1. Coinddit

It is another among the most popular cryptocurrency news aggregators in the competition. The platform that has been provided by this company is quite unique and impressive. They have kept into consideration that the trader’s experience while using their platform should be flawless and extremely user-friendly, as there are many traders who are new to this field, and it will be difficult for them to keep up with all the happenings if the interface is not user-friendly. For all those people out there who love dark theme interfaces, Coinddit is also providing a total black theme to accommodate such traders. The black theme not only looks aesthetic but also makes it easier for the readers to read in low lighting.

If we talk about the platform, the traders are going to be notified of the latest prices of different types of cryptocurrencies. These graphs are going to help traders to get a brief overview of the latest prices of major cryptocurrencies as the prices of currencies keep on changing all the time, so they are automatically sorted according to their prices every day. In order to catch up with the latest news that is reported from the world of crypto, there is another section for that as well. The section is named “News sources,” which provides you with the news of some websites which are popular.

  1. Coinspectator

Coinspectator is one of those very few aggregators which provide almost everything that is happening in the world of crypto. Unlike many other aggregators, which cover only limited sections in the news section, but a large network of reporters and analysts of Coinspectator truly makes it amongst the best platforms. The users are provided with everything from the latest happenings to the rapidly changing prices of many cryptocurrencies in the world of crypto. The platform is working with some best cryptocurrency platforms to provide the most authentic news about it.

The platform also offers a separate tab where they only show a list that includes the 17 highest crypto coins. This is going to help traders to keep an eye on what are the most popular and expensive coins in the world of crypto and help them to make decisions accordingly. This is all about what is happening at the moment. Coinspectator takes it a step further. The professional teams of Coinspectator are working along with the latest technology to bring news of the future projects where you may find an opportunity to invest. For all the traders and investors who are looking to keep themselves updated with the latest news, they have the option to get the latest news and updates on what is happening around the world of crypto sent to your email inbox on a daily basis.

  1. CoinLib

For all the investors who are looking for a perfect platform to keep themselves updated, CoinLib is an option definitely worth checking out. The investors are not only interested in what is happening around the world of crypto but also want to get familiar with analysis tools, which include diagrams as well as graphs. CoinLib understands that some traders are not interested in reading long articles daily in order to extract news from it. Rather they prefer looking at the graphs and illustrations more, so the company is providing that platform to them by using graphs and different analysis tools.

With all the graphs and less of the reading work, yet the platform is being kept as simple as possible to facilitate more and more traders, the interface of CoinLib is extremely user-friendly and very pleasant. It does not bombard you with tons of knowledge that are unorganized. Instead, they have organized everything very professionally and by categories so that traders can visit the section in which they are interested. One of the major reasons for the popularity of CoinLib is its management tools to create portfolios. Traders are able to build their profiles based on their preferred coins and are able to be in contact with at least eight exchanges to accommodate you. CoinLib is also offering applications for android users as well.


If you decide to visit this aggregator’s platform, you are going to see many similarities between and CryptoPanic, yes the same aggregator which is on the top of this list because of its extremely user-friendly and extensive platform. is basically a multipurpose news aggregator, which means that not only it provides the latest and most authentic news from around the world of crypto but also acts as a social media platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The platform allows traders to choose their preferred coins at the start, and the rest of the organization is done by the aggregator itself, which means you don’t have to take the headache of organizing the sections again and again. Everything is going to get organized in the best way possible.

The platform is working to collect everything from articles and updated news from multiple platforms like social media and websites in order to provide the most authentic news to the traders. It collects news from all of these sources and puts them on your customized feed to match your preferences in a very smart and efficient way. If you are wondering that this feature has been seen before somewhere as well, so you are right, this is the feature offered by some biggest social media apps like Google, Twitter, and Reddit.

  1. CoinNA

CoinNA is amongst the best aggregators of the year 2021. The platform provides news and stories from the world of crypto in a very organized and user-friendly way as well. If we talk about the features that CoinNA provides, the first and the most important one would be that they made a separate portion that is dedicated to the educational materials only. This helps traders who are new to the trading world to take advantage of this educational forum. To make it easier for the users, CoinNA provides a search bar that works on a few of the best algorithms to provide you with that ultimate power to search among the stories that you are interested in. Other than that, CoinNA is also providing a very comprehensive overview of cryptocurrencies, and not only that but also publish reports and articles on different cryptocurrencies according to the countries.

The news feed is being regularly updated by the team with whatever new content is available to share with the readers. The news is sorted out according to the date, which means the latest news is listed on top and old ones are listed as you go down. This order helps you to keep yourself updated with the latest news rather than just reading old ones. If you are interested in searching for the best crypto exchanges and wallets, then CoinNA is also providing you with a dedicated section to that as well where you can research different platforms.

  1. CryptoGoat

CryptoGoat has made its place in the list because of the excellent and most authentic sources for an extensive variety of news from all over the crypto world. There is a downside of this platform that the interface may seem uninspiring to some traders as it is a subjective choice, but the type of information they deliver is simply remarkable. The CryptoGoat is known only for the news that it provides related to the crypto market. Many investors and traders prefer using this platform over any other besides that it is not as attractive and illustrative because the reader knows that the sources are authentic and they don’t participate in rating games, rather they focus on providing everything which is just authentic and true that is not going to mislead any traders and help them make the best decision. The news that is being published on this platform is accurately filtered out, and readers are only reading what is authentic.

Some popular news chains are also working with CryptoGoat to provide readers with authentic material. The list includes Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and many more as well.

  1. Ccowl

Crypto Coin Owl or Ccowl is the next aggregator on the list, which is a very well-designed and comprehensive platform for all the traders that want to stay updated with the latest news of the crypto world. The user-friendly interface of the platform provides its users with the facility to navigate through news feeds to the price section of different crypto coins with ultimate ease. The platform fetches news from a few of the best sources like NewsBTC, Coindesk, and

The main goal of Ccowl is to cover trends of different cryptocurrencies. The platform, however, shows only the top 3 cryptocurrencies, but the sources are so authentic that it needs to be on this list. The users who want portfolio investments are also entertained on this platform as they allow you to make a portfolio and choose what you prefer on your news feed. Another major feature that Ccowl offers is known as “rank alert.” This feature sends you a notification whenever a coin changes its price. This helps traders to keep track of changes in the prices of coins and invest accordingly.

  1. Cryptopys

The next on the list of top 10 cryptocurrency news aggregators is Cryptopys. It is amongst the best aggregators for people who want an extensive and wide variety of information on a single platform. The platform is currently working with over 100 trusted news resources to bring traders with the news from all over the world of crypto. The feature that distinguishes this aggregator from others and probably the most important reason why it is on the list is that it offers over eighteen foreign language support. Unlike other aggregators, which restrict users from reading news in English, Cryptopys has changed the game by providing a platform where traders from all over the globe can read news in their own language. It makes it easier for many readers who are not much familiar with the English Language.

The platform showcases the content which is recommended by the experienced traders, so if you are not sure about what to read, then Cryptopys is giving you the facility to read what is recommended by most experienced traders in the field. The platform consists of an extremely easy-to-use interface, which is designed as simply as possible, yet it provides everything that a reader would want. Everything is kept so organized that you can just reach it with a click. The users who are using Cryptopys for a long time also have added facilities like they can mark news bullish, FUD, or bearish options so that they can choose what they wanna learn.

  1. Crypto News

To include the last one on the list, there is one amongst the best cryptocurrency news aggregators called “Crypto News.” The platform is focused on crypto mining, initial coin offerings (IEOs), blockchain, and other cryptocurrencies related news. The platform is offering applications for android users. However, iOS users can keep themselves updated by their web-based platform. The source of this aggregator is again amongst the features that distinguish it from others. The list includes Forklog, CoinDesk, Bit-Media, CoinTelegraph, and many more as well.

The platform is committed to providing its services in the form of news related to market analytics, opinions, and much more. The rates of different crypto coins are also regularly updated on the platform to keep traders updated with the latest market trends. Their predictions have proven to be the most accurate ones as they critically analyze the trends and news from all over the world of crypto.


The world of crypto is getting popular day by day. As more investors are earning great profits from this field, others are getting attracted as well. The market is full of unexpected trends and happenings, and in order to keep up with everything that is happening around the world of crypto, traders need news aggregators. I have researched the best aggregators available in the market and came up with a list of the top 10 among them. I hope that the list is going to help you to choose your primary aggregator, which is going to ultimately help you in your crypto experience.

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