Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews

COINBASE Exchange – Bitcoin Traders Exchange

Founded in June 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, Coinbase is a secure and reliable online platform which allows users to buy, sell, transfer and store digital currencies. It was created to be the foremost brand through which people can convert digital currencies into and from their local currencies while creating an open global financial system.

By January 2015, it launched the Coinbase Exchange – a professional Bitcoin traders exchange based in the US after receiving a $75 million investment from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, the NYSE, and several banks. Eventually, it began offering services in Canada and the UK. In May 2016, Coinbase rebranded its exchange changing the name from Coinbase Exchange to Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) and started trading Ether on its professional trading platform. From thereon, Coinbase added other digital currencies to its trading platform.

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KuCoin Review

Kucoin Exchange Review – The people’s exchange

Kucoin gives 50% of their profits based on the amount of Kucoin shares they hold.

This leaves a total of 40% for the program and the remaining 10% for the platform [KuCoin] for their maintenance and profit.

They have a variable set of commissions that will depend entirely on the kind of results they are able to get.

This is one of those networks that is worth checking out and we will be seeing a huge increase in the value of using exchange sites for the purpose of upgrading the value of the currencies that we acquire.

The more that cryptocurrency turns into a viable currency, the more and more this is going to become an excellent thing to see.

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PrimeholdersPrimeholders Exchange – Your Way to Cryptocurrency Trading

PrimeHolders has maintained a steady growth in customer base and popularity and this is because of how it operates.

One of the most important things to know about this cryptocurrency trading platform is that it doesn’t aim towards a specific level of traders.

Whether you are a beginner or someone who has dipped their toes in this pool before, PrimeHolders can help you move forward in the crypto markets and help you reach your goals much quicker.

Getting started on the platform is quite easy and there are no long requirements you have to fulfill or a ton of paperwork that needs to be submitted.

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Bitfinex – A Full-fledged Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitfinex is a popular name because it has been consistently ranked as one of the best in regard to daily trading volumes.

As a matter of fact, Bitfinex is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency trading platforms that are operating in today’s market as it caters to both novice and experienced traders, along with institutions.

Moreover, at Bitfinex, you can enjoy a variety of trading options, trading pairings and coins.

This cryptocurrency exchange aims to be the premiere destination for professional traders from all over the world and has earned the trust of millions.

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