DeFi Protocol White-Hacked to Protect Clients After Discovering Some Problems With The System

Primitive is a DeFi protocol from the world of Decentralized Finance, which is based on Ethereum. Its developers just hacked their own framework as they discovered a new malfunction in the system, which could have been used by any person with a malicious intent to extract the users’ personal information.

They posted a tweet, alerting their users to reset their pending approvals and secure their accounts because they found a significant risk to the server and had to hack their own system in order to protect it.

According to a blog post, there was a significant vulnerability regarding the smart contracts of Primitive, which gave users access to infinite approvals. This put all of those users at risk of losing their assets, who were using that contract and had given permission to use their tokens without a limit.

These contracts had no retraction options, and they could not be paused or upgraded. In the end, there was no other way for the developers to solve the glitch, so they had to resort to hacking their own platform in order to save it from exploitation.

How To Reclaim Funds

Primitive posted a follow-up tweet, explaining to its users that they have recovered about 98% of the tokens and funds in various wallets, whose owners had turned on the infinite usage token contracts and were vulnerable to the risk. The threat, however, is not over, and the open contracts are still at risk, so they provided the users with a link to reset their approvals to zero so they could not be accessed or exploited.  They also assured the clients that a post mortem report and further steps for reclaiming funds would be provided to them very soon.

No exploitations or loss of funds has been reported by the users or the developers to date. Primitive gives access to its users of ETH, DAI and other DeFi tokens for the market as collateral so they could earn returns. The returns basically are earned through DeFi’s trading fees on the SushiSwap platform. It is important to make these platforms secure because the DeFi sector has been booming, and any attacks like these could harm the client base.

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