El Salvador Invited 32 Central Banks and 12 Financial Regulatory Authorities to Discuss Bitcoin

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele recently extended an invitation to the members of 44 countries in the region to talk about the innovation concerning Bitcoin.

However, the netizens are commenting that there was more to the conference than Bitcoin. Bukele posted the invitation details on Twitter, inviting representatives from several developing nations.

Role of Bitcoin in Economic Development

The list of invitations included 32 Central Banking officials and 12 financial authorities. As per the tweet shared by Bukele, the main objective of this conference was to gather and discuss the scope of Bitcoin for economic development and to partner on the matter of financial inclusion.

He also wished to discuss the matter of providing financial services to the unbanked population of the country.

Galoy is a software development organization that recently posted several snapshots from the recent event held in El Salvador. The company shared several snapshots of the participants enjoying their visit and learning about the use cases of Bitcoin.

However, there are some accounts on Twitter that claim that the event was a financial inclusion get-together.

The impression is increasing on the account that most central banking officials would not want to gather and discuss the merits of Bitcoin with such a welcoming stance.

The countries that participated in the event are members of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion or AFI. AFI’s official website declared that the El Salvador meeting is part of the financial inclusion strategy.

Defending the position of El Salvador, the Galoy website suggested that Bitcoin was a fitting product for the El Salvador event considering that it is one of the most financially inclusive assets in the world.

Towards the end of the El Salvador meeting, Central banking officials from 90 countries collectively visited El Zonte, the famous Bitcoin beach of El Salvador.

The financial representatives from several regions of the world also opted for a commemorative photo and videography session.

The vendors of El Zonte welcomed the participants with vigor and excitement. There was also some uproar around the vendors’ supplies quickly running out, which prompted the vendors to bring more goods for next year.

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