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EZDSK Review

EZDSK logoIn order to begin your career in the world of online trading, it is a must thing for you to find out a good broker, which is the first thing to do in the field of online trading. Without the assistance of a broker like EZDSK, it is not possible for any trader to execute their trades, and it does not matter either a trader is a beginner or a professional one. In the online trading field, everybody needs the services of a brokerage firm. Keeping in view the importance of a broker for traders, I have come up today with an EZDSK review which has proven to be one of the trustworthy brokerage firms with the passage of time.

It is really not an easy task for traders who are dealing with online trading to find out a broker that is good, reliable, efficient, and trustworthy. This task is even the most difficult for beginner traders who know nothing about the online trading industry. And there is one specific reason due to which every trader, either experienced or inexperienced, finds this task difficult, and that particular reason is the presence of a lengthy list of online brokers that are available in the industry of online trading.

So, if there are so many brokers ready to serve you with their trading services and each of them claims to be a good one, then traders (particularly beginners) find themselves in a confusing state. Some of them even back off at this stage as they fail to make any decision. They think that they may get themselves into the wrong hands due to their one wrong decision, and they are absolutely right about this because there are some brokerage companies whose intention is to loot money from people. However, backing off is not what I would suggest rather, I will say you can do research in a proper way that will lead you to the right decision regarding choosing a broker. If you are in the stage of finding out an online broker for your trading, then let me provide a little assistance to you, too, by giving you a name that stands out as one of the amazing brokers in the industry. The name of the broker is EZDSK, and I have heard really good comments from experienced traders regarding this firm. The comments of professional traders impressed me, and I thought I should bring such a kind of broker to your attention.

So, in order to do that, I have compiled a review with some details about this brokerage which I am going to discuss with you now. Let me begin presenting these details to you.

EZDSK – A Well-Reputed Broker For Cryptocurrency Trading

EZDSK is a well-reputed brokerage firm that is dedicated to offering quality services to its clients for trading cryptocurrencies. Its dedication toward digital currency trading is the very first thing that will make you fall in love with this brokerage firm. It is not that EZDSK is the only broker where you can get access to the trading of cryptocurrencies, but there are several other brokers that give you the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies along with some other famous trading products in the financial market. They allow you to trade popular forex pairs, indices, stocks of big companies, and different commodities.

However, there is one thing that sets EZDSK apart from these brokerages, and that particular thing is its entire focus on crypto trading. When you trade with other brokers in the financial market, you will note that they do not focus solely on offering digital currency trading; rather, it is just a part of their asset index, and their exclusive focus is on other trading products. But there is nothing such thing about this broker as it is specialized in cryptocurrency trading, and it is focused exclusively on offering services for the trading of digital assets.

EZDSK website

Many Assets For Trading Including Bitcoin

Almost the entire world knows about Bitcoin (BTC), which is known as the biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization and is holding the top rank on CoinMarketCap. However, the cryptocurrency world is not only restricted to Bitcoin; there are many other cryptocurrencies present in the digital currency market. Though Bitcoin was the first-ever decentralized digital that was introduced to the world, it is not the only one out there. There are over four thousand digital assets that have emerged since the emergence of BTC in the year 2009. So, when you enter the cryptocurrency market, you have a lot of trading options that you can consider.

At the platform of EZDSK, you can easily access the trading of Bitcoin and can make a lot of profits from your investment in BTC using the highly-useful trading services of this broker. However, I do not think that you would only want to trade with Bitcoin. Though Bitcoin proves a lucrative investment for many investors, it can also lead you to bear huge losses too. Bitcoin is usually suitable for investors with big capital. When you trade at the platform EZDSK, you can access a lot more other digital assets than Bitcoin. One of the digital currencies that I am talking about is Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest digital token in the world in terms of market value.

Along with Ethereum, you have XRP (the native cryptocurrency of the cross-border payments firm Ripple). Apart from these two famous altcoins, EZDSK offers you to trade Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), and many other digital assets. All of the cryptocurrencies offered by the broker are very popular and top-performing. This shows how dedicated this broker is regarding the crypto offering. EZDSK’s entire system revolves around digital currency trading. It is very rare to see when you are dealing with online brokers.

EZDSK Is Seriously Concerned With The Safety Of Your Funds And Data

Nothing is more valuable for you than the protection of your personal information when it comes to trading online, and EZDSK is clearly aware of this fact. The safety of your personal credentials, data, or information is even important than the money you invest in assets. You would prefer losing money instead of getting your personal info getting into the wrong hands; that’s the last thing you would wish. If you prefer money over your personal data, then I advise you to change your preference. The reason is if you lose your money, you can earn it back any other time, but if your information gets into the hands of malicious actors, it will be used for illicit activities by criminals such as purchasing some illegal weapons and performing other such kinds of activities. In this way, you can find yourself in danger. So, it is very important that the broker you are going to sign up with is serious about handling the security of your assets and information.

EZDSK is one of those brokers that are seriously concerned regarding the safety and protection of their customers’ personal information and financial data. This broker does not only protect your information; rather, it also takes care of all of your financial assets and the funds you entrust the broker with. There is not even a single bit of information that is not protected by this broker. It has put its security system in such a place that the exploitation of your information and funds is really difficult to happen. It has put in place some industry’s innovative security protocols for the safety and protection of your assets and information. All of the info you hand over to the broker is protected through the technique of encryption.

Moreover, another factor that will urge you to sign up with this brokerage firm is that it has put in place different policies which make you feel secure regarding registering with this broker. There are two policies put in place by the broker, including Anti-Money Laundering or, in other words, known as AML, and the policy of Know Your Customer, also known as KYC. These policies ensure complete security. Most of the traders usually feel uncomfortable while dealing with the Know Your Customer policy. This policy usually requires traders to provide their identity information and other personal credentials to the brokerage they sign up with. However, when traders come to know about the importance of this policy, they feel free to follow this policy. This policy is actually utilized to prevent the entrance of any unauthorized entity. On the other hand, the benefit of using AML policy is that it prevents money laundering activities on the platform.

The thing is, this broker makes efforts to its level best in a bid to provide complete safety to your money, financial assets, and your information.

EZDSK security

Numerous Account Types For Both Professionals And Beginners

When traders find out a broker for themselves, one of the things that they look into every broker is its trading account types. They desire to sign up with a broker where they can have an account type available that meets their requirements. Out of the sea of brokerages present in the industry, some have chosen to restrict their services only to professional investors or traders, and therefore, they have developed account types keeping in view the needs of only experienced traders. But the team behind EZDSK thinks in a different way. They think that their platform should be accessible to everybody, either it is a professional trader or a new one. The problem usually traders feel is in account types as they do not find the one they look for. So, this problem of traders was seen by EZDSK, which led this broker to develop different accounts with different plans. These accounts have been designed in accordance with the requirements of each and every trader.  So, it means it can cover the needs of all traders, from the newbies to the advanced traders. Well, the account options offered by this brokerage firm are not limited to two or three, not even four. There are six trading account types for clients of EZDSK. All of them have great features and services for trading.

Let me shortly describe these account types:

  • Basic

The Basic Account takes care of the needs of the traders who are at the beginning level of the trading. This account has been designed for these traders to keep things easy and simple for them. As it involves basic things in it, therefore, it has been named as the Basic Account. This account facilitates beginners to a much extent by offering them all the necessary help they need in trading. As they are just starting out their career, so what they actually need is to get an understanding of the digital currency world. And they can do that with the help of the broker’s learning center, which provides enough education resources to them for learning. They are also allowed to take part in the sessions of webinars which are also quite helpful in learning about cryptocurrency.

The holders of the account are given a review of the market on a daily basis. There are also some other useful features for trading. The importance of this trading account is that traders only have to deposit $1000 to get this account. This is the minimum requirement, and I think every new trader could afford this investment.

  • Bronze

The second account type from EZDSK under the name of Bronze is also a good package for traders. It has some more features than the first trading plan. This account is also for beginner traders but involves extra services that may be of assistance. For instance, junior price alerts are provided to you if you are holding this account. You can also have an account manager whose service for you is available for the entire month. However, this account requires you to have at least an investment of $10,000 in your balance if you are eager to get it.

  • Silver

This is the third account, and it can be accessed with a minimum deposit amount of $25,000. If you become the holder of the Silver account, you can enjoy the customer care service of the broker 24/7. There is an account manager, and learning center also put in place for you. Price alerts, daily review of the cryptocurrency market, and pro webinars are also features of this trading account.

  • Gold

The fourth account type of broker is called the Gold Account, and it is usually accessed by those traders who have stepped out of their beginning level of trading and have improved their trading level. They access this trading account type by depositing an amount of $50,000, which is way higher than the first three accounts. The Gold account consists of some of the remarkable features such as financial experts, account manager, price & trading alerts, and the features of the first three account types are also accessible to the owner of this account.

  • Platinum And Black

In the end, the broker had introduced two more types of accounts. The purpose of developing these accounts, however, is to accommodate the needs of advanced traders as their requirements usually differ as compared to the first-level traders. Along with beginners, it is also the duty of the broker to think of its advanced traders too and fulfill their demands and needs. So these last account types are for these pro traders.

Both of these accounts have impressive trading features needed for executing trades at the advanced level. Traders can open the Platinum account with an investment of $250,000. The last account on the platform of this brokerage firm has been named the Black account, and it is for VIP investors or traders.

Other Glorious Features That Attract The Attention Of Traders

The suite of trading features and services offered by the EZDSK broker does not finish here as there are a bunch of more glorious features that attract the attention of traders. For instance:

  • User-Friendly Trading Platform

The feature of a trading platform is of utmost importance for traders as they need a good platform for performing their trades. Every broker, therefore, tries to offer an amazing trading platform that is highly accommodative, user-friendly, and has a simple as well as an innovative user interface. It is not difficult not for even a single trader to navigate it due to its straightforward user interface. Integrated with advanced trading technology and some quality tools, trading on this trading platform becomes a piece of cake for traders

  • Education And Training

This service is most beneficial for beginner traders as they initially need to learn about the world of digital assets. Until the cryptocurrency market is completely understandable for them, they cannot adjust themselves in the market. In order to help these traders to build some potential knowledge about the cryptocurrency market, the broker has established a proper learning center where every bit of knowledge regarding this volatile market is available, which is quite beneficial for traders. Through this learning center, the broker provides the service of education and learning to traders. The broker also has some trading experts for the training of traders as well.

  • Customer Support

Moreover, the broker has a team specialized in offering customer support service to its clients. This offers an active service and is available to serve users 24/7. Any query regarding the trading field can be asked from this team, and it says no to any of the questions asked by the customers. In this way, the broker maintains quality in its customer support service.

Final Words

In the end, I would just say that this broker has got everything that you need in the world of online trading, starting from the variety of trading assets to amazing trading platforms for the efficient execution of trades.

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