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finetero logoIf you are thinking of joining an online platform so you can trade in the financial markets, you should make it a priority to find one that offers you flexible and favorable trading conditions. This is not something you should ignore because there is a long list of brokers in the market who don’t offer good trading conditions to their clientele. If this happens, you could end up losing more than you earn and even lose what you have invested. If you want to grow and become a professional trader, you have to partner with a fair and transparent broker.

This is of the utmost importance, particularly in the cryptocurrency market. While cryptocurrency have become a prominent trend, you have probably heard about some major scams that have happened in this market. Yes, plenty of people earned a fortune thanks to cryptocurrencies, but there are also those who lost a lot because of crypto frauds, scams or hacks. In most of these cases, the brokers are at fault because either they lack the proper security measures or are actually involved in the scam. Thus, you have to be very cautious when you are searching for a crypto broker.

If you want to make the right choice, Finetero is the way to go as it has earned quite a reputation when it comes to crypto investments and trading. It is undoubtedly one of the best platforms that can help you start your crypto trading journey and can help you in achieving your goals a lot quicker than you anticipated. It offers some of the best trading conditions for cryptocurrencies and make it a profitable experience, even for those who are quite new at it. How does it do that? Let’s check it out:

Finetero has incorporated trading signals on its platform

What are trading signals? Newbies are probably not familiar with them, but those who have any trading knowledge or experience know exactly how important they are, especially where crypto trading is concerned. The purpose of these signals is to perform a technical analysis of different cryptocurrencies and the market to help traders in choosing a specific position. With these signals, you can determine whether it is a good idea to go short or long, which means the likelihood of successful trades is high. It is no wonder that professional and experienced traders all use these signals during trading and don’t make their decisions without considering first. These signals are also generated by market professionals and are based on different formulas.

Finetero trading signals

The problem is that not every broker offers these signals and even if they do, they may not be from reliable sources. You certainly don’t want to follow inaccurate signals because that could also lead to significant losses. In the event that the broker doesn’t offer any, you have to choose third-party signals, which carries its own risk because you don’t know if they can be relied upon or not. Therefore, it is better to choose a broker that already offers you high quality trading signals and this is where Finetero doesn’t disappoint. This broker offers you some of the best signals on their platform and do it without charging you high prices for them.

One of the biggest benefits is that these signals have been integrated right into the broker’s platforms so you can view them easily and decide whether to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency. These signals can actually help you get better and improve your skills significantly so you can also become a professional in no time. Both beginners as well as advanced traders can find these signals useful and so they are available on Finetero, no matter which account you open.

Finetero has gone big on leverage

Most online brokers offer their customers a number of financial instruments for trading. They offer CFD trading, which allows them to offer variety in terms of assets and is an advantage for traders because they don’t actually have to buy the asset in question.  These instruments also come with significant leverages, which allows traders with limited capital to make big trades as well. However, you will notice that when you move onto volatile assets, the leverage starts reducing because the broker doesn’t want to take a lot of risk. This is particularly true in the case of cryptocurrencies as they are known to be highly volatile and are also unregulated, which increases the risk.

In fact, some brokers may outright prevent their traders from taking certain positions when it comes to cryptocurrencies. But, big leverages are another great feature that Finetero offers to its traders. Unlike other brokers that keep their crypto leverage at 1:2, Finetero kicks it up a notch by offering 1:5. With this kind of leverage, you can enjoy a lot of growth in your profits, which is what you want. Most people will be disappointed at first because 1:5 also doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider that it is being offered for cryptocurrencies, then you understand why it is substantial.

After all, if the leverage is too high, you could end up suffering major consequences if the trade doesn’t go in your favor. Abnormally high leverages for crypto are usually offered by scam brokers that only wish to entrap you. Finetero has kept it reasonable and interesting enough to motivate traders and to help them in earning solid returns. It is the kind of balance you want.

Finetero has kept the spreads tight

When reviewing different brokers in order to choose one, it is essential to take a look at the fee they charge. No one will offer you their services for free, but this doesn’t mean you want to sign up with a broker that keeps an eye on your profits and takes a huge cut. You obviously want to take most of your profits home and pay as little as possible in fees. Most brokers choose a commission model, which is a problem for traders, especially those who want to make large trades. The commission percentage is applicable on every trade and the bigger the trade, the higher the commission.

You are making so much effort in trading and yet you have to share your profits with the broker, which can be demotivating. The other model that can be chosen is that of spreads. This refers to the difference you see in the buying and selling price of an asset and the difference is what the broker earns. Finetero has chosen to forego the commission model in favor of spreads. You can avoid unnecessary commissions and in the case of fixed spreads, you know exactly how much a trade will cost.

Even if the broker charges you floating spreads, they are some of the tightest ones you will find in the entire industry. This means that the difference in the price is a small one and you get to pocket most of the profit you earn.

Finetero provides a comprehensive web-based experience

Finetero webtraderOne of the most important factors that influence your experience with a broker is the platform they give you access to. Desktop platforms are common, but they come with their share of drawbacks. A desktop platform is downloaded on a single computer, which means you will be tied to that one device. This is a major issue for anyone who travels frequently or wants to be able to trade, no matter what device they are using. Even mobile platforms don’t offer you the same freedom and are also limited in feature. The true trading experience can be enjoyed with a web-based trading platform and Finetero has provided you one powerful and smooth solution.

The beauty of their web-based trading platform is that you can access it on any device that supports a web browser, whether it is laptop, desktop PC, tablet or your smartphone. It works seamlessly everywhere and doesn’t require any form of downloading or installation either. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about updating it because this is done by the broker itself and no manual updates have to be installed. Also, the web-based platform offered by Finetero is very intuitive and response, which can easily be navigated by those who have no experience in trading. In addition, it boasts some of the top and most advanced trading tools that can be immensely useful in crypto trading and can make a big difference.

Finetero has a vast asset index to offer

If you want the true experience of trading and investing freely in the crypto market, you will need access to as many options as possible. The trouble with most crypto brokers is that they only offer a handful of crypto coins to trade even though the market is overflowing with options. Every other day, you can read about a new crypto coin being introduced. Things have come a long way since Bitcoin and yet many brokers are still stuck there. This could be a problem if you don’t have the funds to invest in Bitcoin or you wish to diversify to keep your risks at a minimum.

Finetero is very much aware of this conflict and so they have resolved it by offering their clientele a combination of long-standing cryptocurrencies and some new and popular ones as well. Sure, you can use the broker to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum, but that’s not where it stops you. The broker has also added Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and even Bitcoin Cash for the convenience of its users. It is also worth noting that the broker has your interests at heart because they ensure that every crypto coin they add to their platform is a legitimate one because there have been some fake ones as well. They have experts on staff that thoroughly research a coin, weigh its pros and cons, along with profit potential, before adding it to their index.

Hence, you can invest without having to worry about losing your hard-earned money.

Finetero doesn’t take security issues lightly

Security is a major concern where cryptocurrencies are concerned because there have been too many incidences of exchanges being hacked and brokers being compromised. It is not just your funds that are at risk, but also your personal information because identity theft is also real. Consequently, traders have to be vigilant in checking out the security measures implemented by their broker because you will trust that with your money and sensitive information, which means you don’t want any feature to be lacking. Finetero doesn’t disappoint its customers in this area either as the broker has taken security very seriously.

They have opted to use SSL encryption, which means any data entered onto the platform is encrypted right away and cannot be read by outsiders or unauthorized individuals. They also have a strong firewall and monitor their website and platform regularly to ensure there are no loopholes or weaknesses that can be targeted. They also have a KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. This requires anyone who signs up with Finetero to provide proof of identity by submitting a government-issued form of ID and proof of address in the form of a utility bill or bank statement. This keeps out any hackers or cyber-criminals because they will not be able to make fake accounts.

Finetero offers great customer support

The broker has come up with a detailed FAQ section where they have provided answers to basic and plausible questions. Sometimes, your needs may be unique and in that case, the broker gives you the option of using email, live chat or phone to get in touch. They are quite responsive and assist you right away so your time is not wasted.

Final Thoughts

When you decide to sign up with Finetero for your crypto trading, you will have absolutely no regrets as the broker gives you access to the best of everything. Even if you are new, you will find guidance and education provided to you and every other need is also addressed to enable you to succeed.


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