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It wasn’t long after the advent of the internet that criminals figured out a way to use it to their advantage. Everything has its pros and cons and the internet couldn’t escape either. Everyone is aware that online scams exist and know that precautions should be taken in order to avoid falling for one. The problem is that even though people are very careful, they are still not able to protect themselves completely. This is due to the fact that scammers use very advanced tactics to convince people they are legitimate. Since they know that people are on their guard, they find ways to slide past them and end up walking away with their money.

In the normal world, when you are scammed in some way, you obviously go to the proper authorities to report the incident and there are actions taken to assist you. Some people are able to get their as well, but in the online world, there is no such procedure, or at least there wasn’t. Over time, people realized there was a need for something to help scam victims in recovering their funds and this brought about the idea of scam recovery services. A number of these have popped up on the internet nowadays and you can find them with ease.

The only issue is that this has also provided scammers with a new opportunity to take advantage of people. These malicious actors pretend to be scam recovery services and use this chance to steal money by charging for their services and delivering nothing in return. Therefore, you have to be quite vigilant and just not accept everything you read at face value. When you come across a scam recovery service, you need to take a close look into their services in order to find out the truth. This applies to as well, a scam recovery company located in Israel.

When you visit their website, they come off as professional and trustworthy. But, is that really the case? You need to look at what they are offering in order to find out. Let’s do that below:

  • Their recovery process

The first thing you need to do is understand how will recover your funds. Sure, they are making some really tall claims about helping you recover your money, but how will they go about it? It is certainly not easy for anyone to find details about a scam and there aren’t any legal channels that can be used. If there were, the victims would have tried to use them on their own, but no such thing exists. It is natural for people to be curious about something like this because it seems impossible. should be open about this step as it is quite logical for their clients to ask about it. Yet, you will find that the company has done no such thing. They don’t give you any answers at all regarding their process, which only results in more confusion for people. Why should you trust a company when they are not willing to trust you?

  • Their experience in handling scams

When you visit the website, you will get the impression that they have been providing scam recovery services for quite a while. They don’t appear to be a new firm and act as if they are experienced. They state they can help you in dealing with different types of scams, but if that’s the case, then where are the details about the cases they have handled? You will find absolutely no information about the kind of scams they have handled and have experienced in. This is certainly worrying because they should definitely provide you with data about this in order to convince you to use their services. But, they continue to be vague and only make generic statements, which indicate they are not really authentic.

  • Their accomplishments

Any genuine company would want to highlight and talk about their accomplishments. After all, they will be able to draw more attention to their website and services in this way. Moreover, this will also provide potential clients the proof that you are capable of what you claim. should definitely do this, particularly considering the sensitive matter they deal with. Hence, it comes as a shock for people when they find that there is no such thing that this company has done.

Instead of reassuring their clients by providing them facts and figures about their accomplishments, they haven’t shared anything at all. You will find no numbers to indicate the number of cases solved or the amount of money recovered. Even if they didn’t want to share details about their clients, they could have just chosen to not disclose their names and generally discussed the cases. But, has not done anything like this.

  • Their reviews

Reviews are one of the most important aspects of a business. These are the feedback that clients leave and act as a calling card for other clients. A customer is more likely to trust people who have used a business’s services rather than the business’s own claims. does have some customer reviews, but they are not many and the problem with their reviews is that they don’t appear to be authentic at all. They are posted by people who don’t have any profile photos. No review has a proper photo to indicate they are real people.

Apart from that, if you go over the content of the reviews, you will find that they don’t really offer any pertinent information about the company’s services. They are just a repeat of what you can already see on their website. Thus, it is quite clear that has paid reviews, which immediately makes people doubt it.

This comprehensive look into’s services can tell you that it is not a company you should rely upon for scam recovery because they are another scam looking to exploit people.

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