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GoCryptoMe to Grow to $0.6747 or Dip to $0.1165

The data surrounding GoCryptoMe (GCME) suggests that the investors are very keen to push its value to a higher figure. According to the analysis data, the value of GoCryptoMe was at $0.02625 per GCME on February 24, 2022.

For a long time, the bulls tried pushing harder against the bears to push its price higher. The bears applied a lot of pressure over the bulls to pull GoCryptoMe’s price lower, but the bulls finally prevailed.

However, the bulls were not ready to give up and they kept pushing against the bears to push its price higher. The bulls finally succeeded as they were able to form a 200.02% rally, and succeeded in pushing GoCryptoMe to $0.1799 per GCME.

The increased buying power of the bulls has finally pushed the RSI for GoCryptoMe above 50. This means that the bulls are determined to achieve a higher price for GoCryptoMe.

The moving averages for GoCryptoMe are also favoring a positive trend, which may aid the bulls in pushing GoCryptoMe to a higher figure. If the bulls keep increasing their buying power, GoCryptoMe’s price may rise to $0.3598 per GCME.

However, the bulls are showing no signs of exhausting their resources very soon because they have plans to form high rallies. If the investors keep going for higher gains, the price of GoCryptoMe may rise to $0.5397 per GCME.

Surprisingly, $0.5397 per GCME won’t be the peak price that the bulls may be looking forward to hitting in the near future. Instead, the investors may upsurge their buying ability to push GoCryptoMe to $0.6747 per GCME.

If the bulls are not able to prove their might, then the price of GoCryptoMe may start plummeting. This would push the ball into the bears’ corner, and they may start running the show.

The bears may try and show off their power by intensifying sales for GoCryptoMe. This may start turning the trend towards the negative side, which would see that the price of GoCryptoMe may start plummeting.

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