Hacker Moves Nearly $100M Worth of BTC Stolen From Bitfinex In 2016

A massive amount of funds stolen from the major Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex back in the year 2016 has just been moved by hackers. The famous cryptocurrency transactions tracking Twitter bot Whale Alert has tracked the movement of these funds and has reported that an amount of approximately $100 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) was moved by hackers on Monday, November 30, 2020.

A total of 5045.48 Bitcoin (BTC) was moved

Whale Alert report says that a total of 5045.48 BTC was moved by hackers. This amount is worth over $98 million approximately at the coin’s present price value of $19,500. This makes up to 4.1 percent of all the funds stolen in the Bitfinex hack.

This staggering amount of Bitcoin was moved in fourteen separate transactions, as per the report of Whale Alert. Each transaction consisted of less than 500 BTC. These funds have been moved from idle wallets to unknown wallets. The largest transaction contained 469.89 BTC worth around $9 million.

Hacker has moved these funds at a time when the world’s largest digital currency by market cap is on the verge to reach a new all-time high value as Bitcoin’s price has entered into the range of $19,500. This means that it is not now far away from achieving a significant milestone.

Bitfinex lost a total of 120,000 BTC in the 2016 hack

The cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex was attacked by hackers back in the month of August in 2016. After exploiting the crypto exchange, hackers stole an enormous amount of 120,000 BTC from the exchange. Currently, this amount is worth more than $2.3 billion approximately.

Bitfinex has not been able to recover these stolen funds so far despite several efforts made by the exchange for the recovery of these assets. Back in August this year, the crypto exchange offered a reward of up to $400 million to those who will assist the exchange in finding the attacker and retrieving all of the stolen funds. At that time, the exchange called this incident the “dark chapter” of its entire history.

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