Indorse Rolls Out A New NFT Analysis Tool Named Nifty Scanner

Indorse, the advisory client of Coinsilium Group, has announced that they are launching Nifty Scanner, an NFT analysis tool.

Nifty Browser Extension

Indorse Pte. Limited is Coinsilium’s equity portfolio company. According to the reports, the company announced today that they are planning to release the publicly available alpha phase of the Nifty Scanner. Nifty Scanner is basically a software solution for digital assets, with its emphasis on the NFT industry.

The officials from Indorse posted a tweet on their official company profile, which stated that the browser extension, which is going to be provided by Indorse gives its users the essential background information about the storage location of the metadata and media of the NFTs and the most important point is that the extension is compatible with OpenSea, the largest marketplace for NFTs.

If we go into further details, the Nifty Scanner basically scans the NFT in question for its essential data. This data is always publicly available on the blockchain. The tweet from Indorse also stated that the Nifty Scanner is going to be compatible with OpenSea. But this is not the end of the story. The company also clarified that in the future, the platform would give access to its users for using the browser extension with other NFT marketplaces. This means that the Nifty Scanner is just in the initial stage, and it will get monumentally better with time and constant updates.

Other Endeavors by Coinsilium

Coinsilium is not just related to the news of Indorse launching the Nifty Scanner’s public alpha phase. It has been involved in other crypto news this week as well.

The company announced on 12th April that they are also in the production business of a postage stamp of cryptocurrency. The company also stated that they are going to be working in collaboration with RedFOX Labs Joint Stock Company, which is based in Vietnam.

The Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau Limited (GPBL) and HM Government of Gibraltar will be issuing the stamps. Coinsilium representatives said in a press release that the production of this stamp is to celebrate and signify the blockchain’s impact on the whole world. The pre-orders for these crypto postage stamps have been opened since Monday.

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