MoneyGram And Ripple Officially End Partnership

Ripple Labs and MoneyGram have officially parted ways. Nevertheless, both companies are willing to put aside their differences and work together in order to reap the maximum rewards and benefits. When asked about the reason for this decision, Ripple Labs stated that they were very happy with the amount of quality work that they were able to accomplish like a short period of time with MoneyGram.

Additionally, they are also satisfied with the impact that they have been able to have in terms of implementing their one-of-a-kind product into the relevant markets. Although the partnership has ended, it cannot be denied that both Ripple Labs and MoneyGram were able to earn billions via the use of On-Demand Liquidity as well as RippleNet.

Both MoneyGram and Ripple Labs open to rekindling their relationship in the near or distant future

Although the partnership between the two has ended, both have expressed interest in terms of revisiting their relationship either in the near future or years from now because both companies still very much believe in the benefits that the utilisation of doctrine technology as well as you do assets can have words altering the status quo on a global scale.

Furthermore, not only have they managed to earn a lot of revenue through their partnership in the past, but they have also potentially benefited billions of investors and consumers all over the world to their combined efforts, so it would make sense for them to be open to doing so again should the conditions be appropriate for such a relationship.

XRP Targets $0.50

Nevertheless, Moneygram did make headlines as they officially ended their partnership with Ripple Labs. This public announcement was made back in mid-February and has resulted in XRP investors predicting this and, as such, preparing for this eventuality as well. These investors thus avoided the situation where they would sell due to panic, which would have occurred had they not seen the end of the aforementioned partnership coming well in advance.

XRP charts indicate that although the remittance coin is currently holding steady above the support zone of $0.47, the $0.50 resistance level seems the most logical next step for them for the time being.

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