Music Star Miley Cyrus Applies for Two Metaverse-Related Trademark Applications

The American singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus is approaching the metaverse in a rather odd yet fascinating way. She has filed for two distinctive patterns with the USO Patent and Trademark Office for ‘Miley’ and ‘Miley Cyrus.’ This way, things will become official and legal for her while moving towards the disarray that is metaverse as it still doesn’t have a proper body or functional ecosystem.

Although Facebook, or better yet ‘Meta,’ has claimed that it is working to develop the fundamental system for the entire metaverse, such as what it should be in its most basic form, before other developers and blockchain enthusiasts have their take on the idea. To this, the creator of Ether, Vitalik Buterin, has said multiple times that the plan of Facebook to create the basic groundwork for Metaverse is going to fail miserably.

American Artists are Showing Interest in NFTs and Metaverse

Coming back to the official news in the discussion, the patent office has received the application for the trademarks that Miley Cyrus has put out there, and they will be assessing the application in due time to either deny or approve it. According to the NFT and metaverse attorney Mike Kondoudis, Miley Cyrus plans on releasing multiple NFTs on the metaverse that will be sold under the trademark for which she has already filed a patent with the relative authorities.

She is willing to dive deep into the world of the metaverse by offering fans a chance to buy clothing and energy drinks, entertainment-oriented services, investing in virtual currency management services, as well as virtual clothing, footwear, and sports gear as well. This is a rather odd approach, as stated earlier, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Other artists are also approaching the metaverse in their own way, as Billie Eilish has also shown a positive attribute towards the idea of creating NFTs on the metaverse and afterward selling them for profit. This is not a rumor but something that is confirmed as the Universal Music Group, in which Eilish is the lead recording artist, has also gone bullish on the metaverse and the idea of developing NFTs as it has drummed up a partnership with the NFT platform Curio.

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