Poly Network Cybercriminal Willing To Repay Stolen Cash

The Poly Network hacker has stated that the taken bitcoin funds would be reimbursed and has requested a safe multisignature wallet.

The Poly Network fraudster has expressed his intention to restore the taken crypto assets following a huge 600 million dollars breach of the interchain Poly Network.

On Wednesday, the attacker made an Ethereum payment to itself, claiming that they were “prepared to repay the financial resources.”

In a later communication, the attacker requested a multisignature wallet domain to restore the cash to the Poly Network. “Failed to make a connection with the poly. “I require a secure multisignature wallet from yourself,” the culprit explained.

On Wednesday, Poly Network’s Twitter online account released an update, offering 3 distinct wallet domains for the attacker to return the illegally obtained assets to the system  “We are constructing a multisignature solution controlled by recognized Poly addresses,” Poly Network stated in an Ethereum transfer to the criminal’s domain.

O3 Labs, an interchain developer initiative, speculated that the ones responsible for the Poly Network’s large decentralized financial vulnerability may be a white hat cybercriminal.

“Winning such a large sum of funds is already legendary. To preserve the planet will become an immortal legend. “I made the decision, no more DAO,” the attacker stated in another text.

The perpetrator has begun repaying the stolen cash, transferring over almost 1 million in USD Coin (USDC) on the Polygon network. The Poly Network has subsequently verified that payments had been received, adding, “You are taking a step in the proper course.”

On Polygon, they received almost a million USDC. Did you request that the receiving domains be encrypted with your Book Keeper public key?”

According to information gathered by cryptocurrency reporter Colin Wu, the attacker also delivered Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Fei valued at 2.65 million dollars.

The Poly Network was subjected to a significant breach, which resulted in the removal of resources from the Ethereum, Binance Chain, and also from the Polygon networks. The assault is the most expensive DeFi vulnerability so far, costing 600 million dollars.

The huge trend of DeFi has given it an appealing security risk. As per a study published in April by the cryptocurrency research group Messari, the DeFi procedures have squandered around 285 million dollars due to breaches as well as other vulnerabilities since 2019.

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