Price Analysis of Blockius (BLOS) and Earnfinex (EFX)

Time to look at the past 24-hour performance and future predictions for the prices of Blockius (BLOS) and Earnfinex (EFX). The reason behind assessing their performance and running an analysis on their future prices is the growth they have recorded in the past 24-hours.

These cryptocurrencies have demonstrated very high gains in the past 24-hours. As they have demonstrated high gains, the analysis predicts that these cryptocurrencies may continue growing higher in value and demand.

Blockius (BLOS) Price Soars by 3698.27%

The price of Blockius (BLOS) hovered at a low figure ($0.01287 per BLOS), and it appeared that the bears were in full command. However, the bulls were just waiting for the right time to hit a high mark by investing a lot of money into Blockius.

On the night of March 20, the bulls launched their counter against the constant selling of the bears. From March 20 until now, the bulls have kept exerting strong buying pressure of the bears. This has resulted in forming a 3698.27% rally in favor of Blockius.

As the Blockius rally kept reoccurring, the value of Blockius ended up surging all the way up to $0.5071 per BLOS. The bulls have even worked hard in causing a high (54.43%) jump in the trading volume for Blockius, and it is still growing.

This means that the price of Blockius may continue traveling on the bullish track, achieving newer milestones. If Blockius keeps moving higher into the bullish channel with strong accumulation power o the bulls, Blockius’s value may surge to $1.09 per BLOS.

As the buying momentum for Blockius constantly keeps getting pushed to the higher level, Blockius’s value may surge to $1.72 per BLOS.

Going forward, if the bulls keep breaking through the strong defenses of the bears with a strong buying of Blockius, its price may elevate to $1.97 per BLOS.

Earnfinex (EFX) Price Soars by 295.00%

Earnfinex’s price has also moved on the upward stream in the past 24-hours, which is proven by its 295.00% rally. It is because of the powerful rally that the price of Earnfinex has surged to $0.01638 per EFX.

The investors are currently buying Earnfinex on a large scale, which has pushed the trading volume for Earnfinex up by 114.84%. As the buying power keeps increasing in favor of Earnfinex, more investors may start investing in Earnfinex. With such attitude from the investors, Earnfinex may soon get launched into the resistance channel, where the first milestone would be $0.04054 per EFX.

With time, the bulls may attempt to strengthen their accumulation power. If that happens, then the value of Earnfinex may surge to $0.07043 per EFX.

As the bulls remain determined, they may continue acquiring more Earnfinex, which would result in pushing its value up to $0.09641 per EFX.

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