Price Analysis of CONUN (CON) suggests it May Rise Up to $0.04834

At the time of writing, the buyers are defending the $0.04036 per CON with strong bullish sentiments. They have been acquiring CONUN at a high scale in order to defeat the bears and elevate the price of CONUN.

Past Performance of CONUN

Right before the bulls launched the rally, the price of CONUN exhibited a figure of $0.02725 per CON. No matter how strong the bulls tried to push the price of CONUN to a higher mark, the bears kept shutting their efforts down with strong selling sentiments.

In the past 24-hours, the price of CONUN ended up elevated by 10.98%, and it is still growing in size. The trading volume for CONUN has been surging in the past 24-hours and at present, it is at a high of $34,176,735.

The fully diluted valuation for CONUN has also been pushed up by 10.98%. At the time of publication, the fully diluted valuation for CONUN is worth $219,264,297.

Technical Indicators

At the moment, the summary scale for CONUN is pointing towards the “buy” sentiments. More than 70% of investors are currently dedicated to acquiring more CONUN, and only 16% of the total investors are aiming to sell CONUN.

Even the RSI for CONUN is at 54.1 and the moving averages plus the oscillators are also leaning towards positive sentiments. These indicators are pointing towards a strong positive trend and a bullish rally, which may continue pushing its price higher.

CONUN’s Elevation to $0.04834

Although the bulls have hit a high mark, they are still aiming to go for higher gains. This is the reason why the bulls have not to lose their determination and are still pushing harder against the bears. This would continue pushing the price of CONUN to a higher mark.

In the upcoming days, the price of CONUN may continue surging, pushing its value all the way up to $0.04348 per CON price. Going forward, the bulls may continue adding more value to their cause, pushing its price up to $0.04619 per CON. As the rally continues to grow stronger, the bulls may be able to hit a high price of $0.04834 per CON.

Although the bulls are showing great support for CONUN at $0.04036 per CON. However, if they end up losing to the strong selling power of the bears, then the price of CONUN may start moving deeper into the bearish zone.

The first attempt that the bears may make would be to bring CONUN down to $0.3990 per CON. Bringing CONUN to this price would be enough to break the confidence of the investors and move them back to the neutral zone. If that happens, then the price of CONUN may drop to $0.3664 per CON.

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