Price Analysis of Hippo Protocol (HIPPO) and ThunderCore (TT)

Let us go through the technical analysis of Hippo Protocol and ThunderCore to see where their prices stand at the moment and how they would perform in the future. The investors are now looking forward to increasing their investments in HIPPO and TT, given their current performances.

Both cryptocurrencies have witnessed remarkable support from their investors in the past 24-hours, which is a great sign for both assets. It is being predicted that both cryptocurrencies may record higher elevations in the upcoming days.

Hippo Protocol (HIPPO) – 190.25% Surge

Hippo Protocol has reportedly experienced an elevation in its price in the past 24-hours, which has pushed its value substantially. The data shows Hippo Protocol has observed a 190.25% rally in the past 24-hours, which has pushed its trading value to $0.1583 per HIPPO.

Before a strong rally was formed by the investors along with the bulls, the trading price of the HIPPO/USDT pair was worth $0.04442 per HIPPO.

For now, the situation is looking very promising for Hippo Protocol as the investors have been investing in Hippo Protocol on a large level. The clear demonstration of the investors being highly determined is the 3598.2% surge in the trading volume for Hippo Protocol in the past 24-hours.

If the sentiments of the investors remain high, they may try and increase the trading volume for Hippo Protocol. This would eventually increase the trading value of Hippo Protocol, carrying it up to $0.3088 per HIPPO.

As the rally and the investment process continues, the price of Hippo Protocol may get pushed up to $0.4558 per HIPPO.

ThunderCore (TT) – 71.99% Surge

ThunerCore investors are also coming in stronger in favor of the bullish run. They have invested heavily in the past 24-hours in ThunerCore, pushing its value up to $0.01848 per TT through a 71.99% rally. When it comes to the trading volume, the investors are showing a similar kind of determination as the HIPPO investors.

So far, the trading volume elevation recorded for ThunerCore is 1284.13%. If the bulls carry on with their acquisition, the price of ThunerCore may get pushed up to $0.02513 per TT, and then $0.02965 per TT.

The story for ThunderCore may not end at $0.02965 per TT, because the bulls maybe just getting ready for a high push. The data suggests that if the price of ThunderCore continues to rise without any hindrance, then the bulls may be curious about hitting higher marks.

This behavior may turn out to be risky but the bulls may still attempt it to see how things would work out. If the bears do not pose any threat even after ThunderCore crosses the $0.02965 per TT, then the bulls may try and elevate ThunderCore to $0.03236 per TT.

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