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Price Analysis of pFTM (PFTM), Healthify (HTF), and Meta Uranus (MEUR)

The price analysis data surrounding pFTM (PFTM) has shown that its price has experienced a 228.02% increase in the past 24-hours. After experiencing the increase, the price of pFTM has moved up to $27.93 per PFTM.

So far, the investors are bullish about the price of pFTM, which means that are interested to see pFTM’s price grow significantly. Therefore, the bullish run may continue for a while, pushing pFTM’s price up to $59.77.

If the RSI for pFTM travels into the positive territory, then the price of pFTM may rise up to $82.49 per pFTM. If more support is observed in favor of pFTM, then its price may rise up to $103.39 per PFTM.

Healthify (HTF) is also among the top-performing cryptocurrencies that have reportedly started surging tremendously in the past 24-hours. The value of Healthify has been boosted by 197.38%, bringing its unit price up to $0.0005138 per HTF.

Despite several attempts being made by the bears, the bulls have supported the bullish run with a lot of buying power. Therefore, Healthify has constantly grown up, bringing in support from more investors. If the support keeps building up, then Healthify may grow all the way up to $0.0009645.

If the investors keep rallying in favor of Healthify, then the price of Healthify may increase gradually. As the rallies continue, the price of Healthify may grow up to $0.001528. If the bears lose against the bulls even with high resistance, then the price of Healthify may rise to $0.002124.

Meta Uranus (MEUR) has also demonstrated high performance in the past 24-hours. The investors have started gathering in favor of Meta Uranus bringing its unit price up to its current value. Although the investors started supporting Meta Uranus from February 5, it was on February 9, when the bulls displayed great buying power.

This eventually helped in forming a 158.35% rally that has managed to bring the unit price of Meta Uranus up to its current high value of $0.0003813.

If the investors keep their buying power up to the mark, then the price of Meta Uranus may continue rising. In the best-case scenario, the price of Meta Uranus may rise up to $0.0009850. If the investors keep increasing their buying power and are able to show their prowess to the bears, then Meta Uranus’s price may rise to $0.001561.

The investors beating the bears at the second strong resistance mark ($0.001561) would result in moving the RSI high in favor of the positive trend. This would eventually push Meta Uranus’s price up to the third strong resistance mark. At the time of writing, the third resistance mark for Meta Uranus is $0.002170.

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