Price Analysis of RXCGames (RXCG) and Saint Inu (SAINT)

The price for RXCGames (RXCG) has reportedly grown tremendously in the past 24-hours. The investors have been supporting RXCGames on a high scale, which is demonstrated by the 80.09% rally. The price analysis from CoinMarketCap shows that on January 31, 2022, the value recorded for RXCGames was at a low of $0.0036 per RXCG.

At the time of writing, the rally has helped in pushing the price of RXCGames up to its current high price of $0.01153 per RXCG.

As the rally has managed to stay put in the past 24-hours, it means that the bulls are not ready to give up their position to the bears. They are currently demonstrating a lot of stubbornness in keeping the rally up to a high figure.

In order to keep it up, the bulls have been buying RXCGames on a large scale that may continue increasing RXCGames’ price to higher levels. In the upcoming days, the cryptocurrency industry may witness the price of RXCGames growing up to $0.006483.

As the price of RXCGames continues to grow higher, more investors may join the push and help its price grow up to $0.006483. If the bears are not able to contest the bulls in their buying action, then RXCGames’ price may grow up to $0.009079.

As the investors continue winning against the bears with strong support from the bulls, then the price of RXCGames may rise to $0.01150.

Saint Inu (SAINT) is also facing the same trend as RXCGames but the rally it has observed in the past 24-hours is a bit weaker than that of RXCG. Still, the rally goes to display that the interest of the investors is to push its price higher.

The investors may attempt to lean more towards the bulls in order to push the price of Saint Inu to a higher mark. So far, the investors have achieved a 78.77% rally in support of Saint Inu. From the looks of it, the investors may be planning to keep the rally as it is as their efforts have not faltered in the past 24-hours.

Towards the end of January 2022, the price of Saint Inu was at $0.0000023 per SAINT, which was a low figure for Saint Inu. At the time of writing, the value of Saint Inu is $0.000003019, which is a high price for the digital asset.

If the investors grow firm in favor of Saint Inu, then its price may continue surging, pushing it to its first strong resistance mark ($0.000005397). If the investors see that Saint Inu is becoming more and more profitable, then they may start siding with the bulls. This would initiate a strong bullish run, pushing the price of Saint Inu up to $0.000006814.

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