Price Analysis of XIDO FINANCE (XIDO) and SatoShi Monsters (SSM)

Time to have a look at the performance of XIDO FINANCE AND SatoShi Monsters and see exactly where these cryptocurrencies stand.


The situation wasn’t much favorable for the bullish investors of XIDO FINANCE a few days back as it was stuck at $5.82 per XIDO. Despite all the efforts, the bulls found it very difficult to push XIDO FINANCE over the particular benchmark.

The bears continued sinking the price of XIDO FINANCE, the moment the bulls launched a low-level rally. However, in the past 24-hours, the buying power of the bulls was overwhelming for the bears and they succeed in pushing them out.

As a result, the bulls successfully formed a 60.55% rally in the past 24-hours that has helped them push XIDO FINANCE’s value up to $14.45.

The bulls are now stronger than ever and they have even managed to move the RSI of XIDO FINANCE into the bullish zone. With such sentiments, the price of XIDO FINANCE is bound to grow upwards. If the bulls keep the rally going, then the price of XIDO FINANCE may soon hit a unit value of $18.82 per XIDO.

If the investors keep rushing to the bulls’ side, then the positive trend would continue growing stronger. This would provide more superiority to the bulls over the bears, and they may succeed in pushing XIDO FINANCE to $21.67 per XIDO.

Over the course of time, the bulls may grow more powerful against the bears, where they wouldn’t be able to match their might at all. This may completely push the bears out of the competition and may result in pushing XIDO FINANCE to $23.31 per XIDO.

SatoShi Monsters (SSM)

SatoShi Monsters has also proven to be a fast runner within the cryptocurrency universe. The digital asset has witnessed a strong rally in the past 24-hours, successfully pushing its value up to $0.03049 per SSM. For the record, the rally SatoShi Monsters has recorded in the past 24-hours is 57.22%.

There are high chances that the bulls may form a strong barrier against the bears, and make the current rally, a recurring phenomenon. This way, the bulls will gain the opportunity of pushing SatoShi Monsters to higher figures.

For now, the bears are not as determined as the bulls, which may go a long way for the bulls to keep pressing harder. If the bulls keep growing more powerful in terms of the rallies, then SatoShi Monsters may get pushed up to $0.03921 per SSM.

The RSI and the moving averages may soon follow the actual trend for SatoShi Monsters if the bulls manage to keep it alive for a while. If that happens, then SatoShi Monsters may soon hit $0.04482 and then $0.04803 per SSM.

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