Renowned Monitoring Provider in the Blockchain Industry PARSIQ Integrates with Hex Trust

An event tracking and Blockchain monitoring service provider announced today that it has levitated to a fresh strategic collaboration with Hex Trust, a crypto custodian based in Asia.

The collaboration will help PARSIQ to provide top-notched security at the Bank-level for the PRQ token holders to keep their digital assets safe while, in return would be offering the clients of Hex Trust additional security with professional enterprise monitoring.

PRQ (PARSIQ) is a blockchain platform built on reverse-oracle technology and was listed on the OKEx exchange at the beginning of the current year. The platform is set to address the inadequate monitoring and outright lack of tools for analytics in the crypto space. With the invention, users can now keep a tab on events all across the different blockchain platform in real-time, and they can connect these events to any devices and off-chain apps to ensure different workflows.

Last year, the company successfully secured funding from the $100 million accelerator funding set up by Binance, the current largest crypto exchange in the world in terms of the trading volume.

PARSIQ’s main goal is to run a Safe Crypto Platform

To propel the adoption of Blockchain automation tools in mass, PARSIQ has entered several strategic deals with diverse blockchain big names since it was established in 2018. Among those names are Dash, Algorand, AllianceBlock and Bitfury Crysta. Most recently, Injective, SuperFam, Chainlink, and PAID Network are the ones with whom it has made certain deals.

Their recent collaboration with Hex Trust would be another important step in realizing the vision of the company, which is to operate a secured and safe crypto platform that would meet up even the strictest of all global requirements of regulations. This will now allow PARSIQ to make use of the Proprietary safekeeping service called “Hex Safe” by Hex Trust for the PARSIQ treasury. Additionally, clients on their platform will be able to store their PRQ token in the custody vault of Hex Trust.

For both companies, this partnership is a win-win because Hex Trust can now make use of the PARSIQ’s robust infrastructure for its blockchain transactions and also automate other internal processes like deposit processing, notifications and even security monitoring.

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