San Francisco Startup Ripple Is Hiring a Senior Manager of Treasury

The San Francisco-based blockchain payment tech giant Ripple is once again looking to hire more people. It is now seeking a new person for the post of a Senior Manager of Treasury. While announcing the vacancy for this post, the company said that the new person who will be appointed for this post will be joining the Finance team of Ripple. Apart from this, in another announcement, the company posted a vacancy for a Senior Software Engineer.

Job Description

Once a person is selected for the desired post of Senior Manager of Treasury he or she will be included in the company’s Finance team where he/she is expected to serve as “the owner of all crypto-currency and traditional treasury operations”. According to the company, his/her job will be to handle all of the operations of the traditional treasury which includes strategic vision. Apart from that, the newly-appointed Senior Manager of Treasury will also have to deal with the company’s native digital currency XRP as well.

While outlining the job description for the new post, Ripple said that the new Senior Manager of Treasury will be given some primary responsibilities to handle. These include the management of the company’s relationships with financial institutions as well as banks all across the whole world, the maintenance of proper security for the company’s cryptocurrency as well as cash balances, handling the process of payments processing, and also to support the proper needs or requirements of product treasury.

Apart from this, this person will be required to manage the company’s investment portfolio along with the management of relationships. Moreover, this person will need to create new long-term and short-term forecast models for the company’s native digital currency XRP as well as for cash. There are some more duties outlined by the company in the announcement for this post.

Not only Ripple is hiring a Senior Manager of Treasury but also the company is seeking to hire a Senior Software Engineer for liquidity as well. The job of this person will be to help the company in the development of “an enterprise grade, distributed trading platform” that will focus on providing cryptocurrency markets with real-time access. These job openings refer to the fact that the blockchain payment tech firm is planning on rolling out a new trading platform.

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