Shiba Inu (SHIB) Hits another ATH after Nearly 40% Surge

The canine-themed crypto Shiba Inu saw a massive upsurge, gaining by nearly 40%, hitting its record peak of around $0.000039. The new ATH came as the meme crypto had its inflows rising to $15.66 billion.

Keep in mind that SHIB maintained its price movements in the green over the previous week, attracting new users. By 18 October, the crypto had 40,000 new holders within ten days as investors targeted the price areas of $1.

The token recently received support among crypto players as the meme crypto space saw another interest wave, initiated by the leading meme crypto – Dogecoin. The Ethereum-based coin seems to stand out as it competes with established digital currencies.

As highlighted above, SHIB enjoyed the highest use cases as a non-stablecoin asset on the ETH ecosystem. That was when the dog cryptocurrency had its unique senders at 102,746, unique receivers at 66,194, and 132,708 overall unique.

SHIB tokens owned by the public reflect the heightened interest in the altcoin. For now, public ownership accounts for nearly 40% of Shiba Inu tokens circulating in the financial space. Also, social media sites highlight SHIB’s consistent growth. Currently, the meme crypto has more than one million Twitter followers regardless of the existing criticism. Moreover, renowned financial figures have warned market players about interacting with Shiba Inu.

Robinhood Listing Anticipation

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu enthusiasts appear to push for more as they want the coin’s listing on the Robinhood trading platform. The online community introduced an online petition, urging every crypto fan to request a Robinhood SHIB listing. While publishing this content, the petition had nearly three million signatures.

Remember, Robinhood seems to have considered the petition by the online crypto community to list Shiba Inu. Market updates show that the investment platform has emailed users concerning their preferred crypto, and SHIB is among the choices.

Shiba Inu Network Development

Shiba Inu has received criticism as the altcoin appeared to lack real-world usage as most financiers believe SHIB is a get-rich-quick scheme. However, its developers launched various developments, aiming to change the token’s global appeal.

Recently, Shiba Inu announced an NFT market to take advantage of the burgeoning non-fungible token market. Also, market players seem to have gained confidence as Coin Cloud declared SHIB purchases via ATHs in the United States and Brazil.

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