Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA Announces Strategic Partnership with Tokensoft

Switzerland – The crypto bank SEBA has teamed up with Tokensoft International AG, a provider of crypto-asset issuance and management technology based in the United States that supports the highest regulatory and compliance standards. The crypto bank has signed this strategic partnership with Tokensoft to offer asset tokenization to its clients.

SEBA will exploit Tokensoft’s technology

By joining hands with Tokensoft, the Swiss crypto bank aims to exploit the technology of Tokensoft in order to improve tokenization standards on its platform and to make its users able to design, issue, structure, and manage their crypto assets on the platform.

The head of asset tokenization at SEBA Matthew Alexander says that this strategic partnership with Tokensoft will help us to offer users enhanced tokenization technology. Alexander said, “We are convinced that this strategic partnership will enable us to provide our clients with enhanced tokenization technology and solutions to suit existing and emerging demands.”

Adding more to it, Alexander said that we are looking forward to offering users with end-to-end solutions in the future in order to cover the whole ‘tokenization value chain’.

“Today, only piecemeal solutions are available on the market. We will provide clients end-to-end solutions that cover the entire tokenization value chain, from issuance to asset management and digital custody with the highest possible regulatory standards.”

Both companies will push the tokenization standards

Both of these companies have joined hands with each other with a key purpose in mind that is to promote and push tokenization standards. This will be helpful in ensuring the interoperability between traditional finance systems and the blockchain industry.

Alexander further illustrated:

“As one of the leading security token issuance and asset servicing platforms, Tokensoft’s core competencies perfectly complement our existing asset tokenization capabilities. Our Asset Tokenization division offers enterprise grade solutions, with our Swiss banking license assuring the highest standards in security and stability.”

The crypto bank has claimed that its core solutions have entered into the final testing stages and are almost ready. The Swiss bank has planned to go live later this year when it will be completely ready with its tokenization solutions.

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