TradeVtech Review – What Makes this Broker Special?

TradeVtech Review

You can’t even count the number of online companies that are providing trading services these days. The moment you start counting them, you will see dozen more emerging in the market. The number of people who are interested in trading is increasing exponentially today.

To meet the demands of these new traders, you will see more companies coming into existence. At first impression, you might feel as though these firms are only targeting new traders, which is true to some extent. However, there are some that take into account the requirements and expectations of even the experienced traders.

I don’t call myself a new trader anymore. I have been trading for more than five years now and in this time, I have signed up with the worst and the best online trading services providers. I have trade on platforms that increase your opportunities to make profits and those that take away the profits you have made with effort.

I think the best experience I have had of trading was with TradeVtech , and that’s why I have decided to review this company for you. Whether you have been trading a long time or you have just stepped in this market, you are going to admire the efforts of this broker.

It has provided a complete trading system with great flexibilities, ample opportunities of profitable trades, and lots of resources to traders for learning how to trade. Let’s know more about TradeVtech  in this review.

Broker TradeVtech
Trading Type CFD Trading
Available Assets Stocks, Indices, Forex Pairs, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
Trading Platform SIRIX (Trade Station, Mobile Platform, Web Platform)
Education Center Yes
SSL Security Yes
Segregated Funds Yes
AML and KYC Yes
Account Types Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond
Minimum Spreads 0.1pips
Customer Support 24/7 (Phone, Email, and Web Form)

TradeVtech home page
TradeVtech for New and Seasoned Traders

  • Bronze and Gold Trading Accounts

I am starting with these accounts because they are for new traders. If you have traded only for a few months or this is your first time trading, these are the accounts for you. You can see that the features included in these accounts are for people who are still new to trading.

You might not be completely new to trading, and if that’s the case, it is better you go with the gold account. However, if you have never traded before, you are highly recommended to go with the bronze account. You can see that you are still getting ample benefits in these accounts.

VPS service is the only thing that will not be available to you when you sign up with either of these accounts. But if you are thinking about learning how to trade, you will have enough training material available to you.

The ebooks are not available to those who go with the bronze account, but once you progress to the gold account, you will have some useful ebooks at your disposal as well. The online financial courses, which I think is the most important thing for any new trader, is there for you even if you go with the basic account. So, you can see that there is enough for you in these accounts to start your trading career with.

Yes, for a moment when I signed up on this trading account I had thought that they should have given access to the webinars. However, I soon realized that the broker was taking a decision based on experience. I happened to be a part of a trade-related webinar from a third party.

I can tell you with extreme confidence that half of the things they were talking about went over my head. It is true that you have to have some basic education before you can even think about attending webinars from the best experts. As for the availability of assets, you can access them all and trade them easily when you open the gold and bronze accounts.

  • The Platinum and Diamond Accounts

This is where things start to become completely different. You are talking about accounts that are suited to individuals who breathe and live trading. These are the people who have spent enough time in this activity that they can control things the way they want.

It is for this reason you notice online brokers offering them the best of all the features. Again, the inclusion of VPS feature would have been a great addition, but if you are specifically looking for that feature, you can go with the diamond account. The diamond account is the best one that this company has to offer you.

You will get free VPS service with this account. What’s the benefit of VPS service? Well, it is your own private serve, although virtual, that provides you with access to the powerful trading platform. The best thing about this server is that you have the resources of the computer allocated to you only.

This means you will never find yourself complaining about the slowness of the computer or the trading platform that you are using. Webinars are not available to basic and semi-advanced traders, but when you go with the diamond and platinum accounts, you can attend the webinars.

You will also have analyst managers to your disposal when you sign up with TradeVtech . These analyst managers can make your life easier by providing you with all the help that you need to trade profitably.What you are going to love about these professional accounts is that your service charges, commissions, and other fees will be minimum when you trade.

For example, when you trade a lot with the diamond account, you will have to pay a small commission of just $9 for trading that lot. This lot can be of equities and indices. At the end of the day, you will be bearing minimum costs of trading when you go with these accounts.

TradeVtech account types
Variable Spreads

So, when you sign up with some online trading platforms, you notice that they have fixed spreads. If you are new to trading, you might not be aware of the idea of spreads. Spreads are the differences in the actual market prices of the assets and the prices that your broker quotes to you.

The price of the asset when you see it on the market will be a bit lower than what you have to pay when you buy the same asset from your trading services provider. This is the way for your online brokerage to charge for its services. However, the best companies will always keep their spreads very tight. Tight spreads mean that you will be on the receiving side of the benefits.

Now, when you talk about fixed spreads, you are sure that a certain amount of money will go out of your pocket when you trade a particular asset. On the other hand, variable spreads might not seem very predictable but they ensure that you will get benefits at times when the market price of the asset is down and your broker decides to take a small fee.

On the other hand, a fixed spread means you will always pay the same amount no matter what market conditions are. When you see the spreads from TradeVtech , you will notice that the higher you go into trading accounts, the tighter they get.

Don’t get me wrong here, the spreads that you will enjoy with the basic accounts are still the most competitive that I have seen any online trading platform offer. However, the more you stay with the company and progress in the trading accounts, the tighter the spreads you will enjoy on your trades.

There will come a point when your spreads on certain assets will be as low as 0.1 pips. You can imagine how small the amount will be when the spread is so low. This means most of the money that you earn as profits will land in your pocket rather than going to the trading services provider in the form of spreads.

Customer Support Round the Clock

Before you even sign up with any company for trading purposes, I recommend that you talk to their customer support. You should not focus only on the type of help you get from them. Sometimes, it is true that they don’t have the answer to your specific question, especially when you have not even signed up with them.

However, what you can figure out is how much time they take before they pick up your call. Secondly, you should see how they talk to you on the phone. If they are only trying to get rid of you, it is an indication that you will be treated this way after signing up with them.

Now, an even more important thing is to see if they have a phone number at all. Recently, I have seen a lot of online companies completely ditching the idea of having a customer support number. They give FAQs on the website through which you are supposed to find the answers to your questions.

I don’t say they are bad in any way. These FAQs can be lifesaving at times, but not all the time. There are instances when you have to get in touch with someone to get help with your issues. What if the trading platform has stopped responding? What if you see difference in your account balance?

Well, that is when you want someone to talk to you on the phone and provide you with all the details that you are looking for. I am telling you that the customer support from TradeVtech  is one of the best that I have experienced in this industry. When you call them, they pick up the phone without making you wait for too long.

rmore, they have some really trained individuals on the phone who know how to talk and respond to you. The best part is that you will have these individuals ready to serve you with your queries 24/7. Yes, this level of customer support is available to you no matter which account you sign up with.

You can call the phone number that is given on the website. In addition to that, you have an email address that you can use for sending your queries and getting responses within 24 hours.

TradeVtech Customer Support Round the Clock
Trade on an Advanced Platform

The trading platform from TradeVtech  is one of my favorite things from this broker. I can tell you the latest trends that are occurring in the online trading world right now. You have companies that provide you with the easiest trading platform you can use. They find an easy way out of offering you a good one.

They give you the web-based trading platform from a third party that you can use on their website. I can tell you that the web-based trading platform is one of the best things that has happened to online trading, but that’s not enough. There are times when this platform is not enough for you.

For example, if you compare the speeds of the web-based trading platform with the application-based trading platform, you will see that the application is much faster when you use it on your smartphone. That’s because the applications are designed specifically for your smartphones.

They run smoothly and really fast on your mobile devices. Yes, the web-based platform might look great on your computer. In a similar way, a trading platform that has been designed specifically for your computer will be best in that form. You cannot compare its speeds with the web-based trading platform.

Now, the great thing about trading with TradeVtech  is that you get all of these versions in the same place. You have the SIRIX station, which the company has specifically for your desktop computer. You have the web-based trading platform for those who keep changing their devices and don’t want to face any compatibility issues.

Lastly, you have the SIRIX mobile version, which is the application designed specifically for your mobile phones. In a way, the broker has left the ball in your court and it is up to you to decide how you want to trade and which platform you want to use.

What I can tell you here is that this trading platform from TradeVtech  is one of the most advanced you will find. It is very fast and does not cause any glitches while you are trading. It is smooth as butter and offers you all the trading tools and indicators that you need right on your dashboard.

The Station version of the platform even offers you a lot of customization options. This means you can have your trading platform in exactly the format that you prefer. This boosts your productivity and efficiency as a trader, which is of course, good for you.

TradeVtech Trade on an Advanced Platform
Safety for All

It does not even matter how long you have been trading for when it comes to the safety of your credentials, sensitive information, and money. Safety is the biggest concern for any person in the world who is using online services. When you purchase something online, you have to use your credit or debit card to make payment.

In a similar way, you have to provide your credit or debit card number when you open your trading account with TradeVtech . The company has taken some really serious security measures to ensure that you can open your account without any worries about your security and safety.

So, the information you provide on the website includes the number of your credit or debit card, the picture of the front and back of your credit or debit card. In addition to that, if you are going with the bank wire transfer, you will have to provide a picture of your bank statement.

To show that you are located at the address that you have provided on the website, you might have to provide a picture of your utility bills as well. Lastly, you will have to provide your identification information not only in the form of the number but pictures too. All of this information is safe through encryption when you sign up with TradeVtech

You will also be pleased to know that the website of TradeVtech  is protected through the latest and most advanced SSL certificates. You will not have to worry about your money either. The money you deposit in your account will go directly into segregated funds, which have been maintained by the broker in separate bank accounts.

This is done for your security and peace of mind. The company has chosen only the most reliable and regulated banks for storing the money that you deposit in your online accounts. These security measures are in place no matter which account you open with the company. In other words, you are treated the same way no matter how new or seasoned you are as a trader.

Assets You Will Like

The assets that you can trade with this company will give you a glimpse of your future trading journey. When you sign up with an online company for trading, you have to look at the asset index that you will get from that firm. If the asset index has a lot of different assets, you can be sure that minimizing your risks as a trader will not be a difficult job here.

That’s because you are always advised to invest your money in many different assets. This allows you to make money on another asset even if one is going down in price. This happens a lot and the best experts in trading save their money through this method.

You can say that hedging is the technique that these traders use to minimize their trading risks. But you can do it all only when you have the assets available to you. What happens when you only have four or five different assets that you can trade? You don’t really have a choice do you? However, you will not find yourself stuck in this problem when you sign up with TradeVtech.

The company has made sure that you can trade many different assets from the same trading platform and at the same time. Yes, you can open multiple orders in multiple markets without any issues because you are trading CFDs with TradeVtech

The assets available to you include the exotic, minor, and major currency pairs from the forex market. In addition to that, you will also have the stocks of the biggest companies of the world at your disposal. If you want to trade many different stocks of many different companies at the same time, you are recommended to go with indices trading, which is also available with this broker.

Furthermore, you have commodities, a category in which you have access to energies, precious metals, fresh produce, and much more. Lastly, you will also have access to cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you can trade cryptocurrencies as well if you want. You will have a variety of digital currencies available at hand for trading with lots of leverage, tight spreads, and very low margin requirements.


Only the best trading platforms in the world have these policies in place. I have to tell you that an online broker that asks you to submit your personal identification information as well as banking details is the one doing the right job. On the other hand, if you see an online trading platform where they don’t ask you for these pieces of details, you are looking in the wrong place.

They will let you sign up, take your money, and let another person sign up with your information and take their money as well. They will never be able to tell who is who because they never take personal information.

With TradeVtech , you have the KYC and AML policies in place. These policies are there to ensure that money launderers can keep away from the trading platform and only legal people with true identities can sign up.

Final Thoughts

Starting from the sensitive issue of protection and safety to something as important as having private virtual server, you will get it all when you sign up with TradeVtech. The company has offered you all that you ever need.

Trade on SIRIX mobile, web, or station trading platform and pick commodities, stocks, cryptos, forex currency pairs, and more. Enjoy tight spreads, low margins, and some great training from the experts of the industry. What is there no likeable about TradeVtech ?

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