Turkish Financial Minister Meets Virtually with Binance CEO to Discuss Crypto

A piece of interesting news has come up from the pipeline about a virtual meeting held between the finance minister of Turkey and the founder of Binance to talk about the future of crypto within Turkey and how it might add to the overall prosperity of the digital financial ecosystem.

The meeting was held between Nureddin Nebati and the founder of the Binance crypto exchange Changpeng Zhao. The context of the meeting had been made public through the tweet of the Turkish financial minister that they had a friendly talk about expanding the present crypto business within the country and allowing people to have a more direct relationship with it.

Binance’s Expansion

From other reports, it was found that the number of people using Binance in Turkey is overwhelming, which means that people don’t only know about cryptocurrencies, but they are well aware of their significance and the use case as well.

During this virtual meeting, it was also found that Binance is very much interested in opening customer care and service center in Turkey, and the finance minister of Turkey took this news with an open mind. It seems that there is a possibility that Binance will be working in Turkey in a few years in a very strong and prominent capacity which shall open doors for various other crypto exchanges and crypto entities to do the same.

Customers will be able to connect with Binance services with the help of their official app, which will be available for download from the digital stores on the internet, such as the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Once downloaded, users would be able to put down their query regarding the issue that they are facing, and they would be intersected with one of the Binance customer care representatives. All of this comes up when there are legal battles going down against Binance, and the position of the exchange is not so strong in many developed countries hopefully, this new venture will help the exchange in steering its ship away from the eye of the storm.

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