US SEC Plans To File A Response To Individual Motion Of Ripple To Dismiss

The latest development has emerged in the ongoing Ripple Labs lawsuit against SEC as the US exchange commission will opt to submit its response to the motion of dismissal. From the legal team of Ripple Labs attorneys, James tweeted that the response by the plaintiff consisted of 60 pages. Moreover, the defendants Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse of Ripple do not agree with the recent filing.

The letter by the exchange commission to judge Hon communicated that the plaintiff expects that the Ripple executives will provide their reasoning for not agreeing with the SEC response in opposition. Mr. Filan expressed in a tweet a similar view of how the defendant’s explanation should be heard.

The motion of intervention

James Filan on Twitter helped his followers by keeping them updated, and when a user asked a question regarding the response by any party, the attorney replied that there is no hearing planned this week. However, both the Ripple Labs and SEC have to answer the motion filed by the 3rd of May.

The person who filed the motion to intervene is Mr. Deaton, who has been very outspoken when it comes to Ripple vs. SEC. Founder of Crypto Law stated in a tweet that the motion he filed does not solely represent himself but thousands of XRP holders with him in this motion.

Recent progress in the Ripple vs. SEC case

The recent progress made in the lawsuit has been by SEC when they filed that adheres to Friday’s discovery conference. The discovery conference looked into the communication between Ripple and foreign exchange regulators, which alleges that Ripple has failed to abide by the Hague Convention and the laws of Federal Procedure.

After a stressful legal battle between SEC and Ripple, the crypto-based company argued SEC was trying an intimidation ploy for discovery, forcing Ripple to file a motion to the Judge to get SEC to end their tactics which later on SEC tried to deny to Judge Sarah.

In another letter filed on the 21st of April by the SEC, it requested the court of law to bar Ripple Labs to seek irrelevant information. Since according to SEC staff, that information was already ordered as undiscoverable by the court.

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