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Winbitx Review

Winbitx logoIf you want to sign up with an online brokerage that caters to the exact needs and preferences of its traders, then you must consider Winbitx. Countless traders from every corner of the world have signed up with this broker already and continue to do so even today, and this is primarily due to the eagerness and passion that Winbitx has displayed towards bringing the most high-quality services and features to its clients. Simply put, this broker is reliable and trustworthy to the point that traders are comfortable with placing their money with it and are therefore given an environment and platform through which all trading activities can be conducted in a fair, seamless and effective manner. Broadly speaking, some of the main reasons as to why traders would prefer Winbitx involve the usage of reliable and safe technology, a diverse and strong asset index, an effective and easy to use trading platform, an experienced team of traders, honesty and transparency displayed by this broker, strict and reliable security measures that have been put in place, and finally the ease with which every aspect of online trading can be accomplished. With that being said, do make sure to read on till the end of this in-depth Winbitx review to find out everything you need to know.

Winbitx website

Trading tools

Firstly, let’s talk about the different kinds of trading tools that are available to you when you sign up with Winbitx. Trading tools and instruments are things that are often needed by both seasoned veterans and new traders alike, as it is through the utilization of these tools on a regular basis that more substantial profits can be made. Additionally, by using these tools regularly, you will also increase the chances of becoming a more experienced trader, as you will gain some relevant experience due to the utilization of such instruments, which will certainly improve your knowledge and skills regarding online trading.

Of course, there are so many trading tools out there today, and more continue to be invented as time goes on, and so we will primarily be talking about a few trading tools that are offered by Winbitx, but you should definitely check out the official website of the broker when you can in order to get a full rundown on everything that is available to you upon signing up.

With that being said, the main trading tools which are offered to the broker’s clients involve an economic calendar which you can use to keep track of all the different news-worthy events and important dates that occur within the year and tools for risk management which is incredibly useful in terms of finding out how much risk you can afford to take while trading along with what your budget is.

You will also receive access to alerts as well as market insights along with market analysis videos. All of these are very useful trading tools to have as they give you an idea about how the market works and what kind of opportunities will be presented during which you should make timely investments. You will also be given access to a ‘Trader’s Guide’, which is a helpful tool for any trader regardless of experience level, and lastly, you will even receive access to different live charts, which can include graphs, diagrams, and anything else that may be useful to you in terms of understanding the market and the price action of different assets as well as the market in general.

Asset index

Winbitx asset index

Regarding Winbitx’s asset index, you will be delighted to know that there are many tradable assets that you can trade with. When you sign up with any given online brokerage, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that the asset of your choice is listed as if it is not, then there is really not much of a point to sign up with the broker in the first place. More often than not, traders hence like to diversify their respective portfolios as much as possible by investing in different types of tradable assets simultaneously.

This is a great strategy as it limits the chances of incurring substantial losses while simultaneously increasing the possibilities of you earning more money as after all, even if one of your investments in a specific tradable asset category does not work out, you will still have the other asset types to fall back on. We would also personally recommend that you try and invest in as many different asset categories as possible, as this strategy is useful for traders of all levels and will thus definitely come in handy for you as well.

With that in mind, some of the top tradable assets offered by this broker involve CFDs, which are also commonly referred to as ‘Contracts for Differences’, in addition to trading options with various commodities, metals, indices, stocks, treasuries, forex, and even cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you will also be given access to exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which is not something we usually see when it comes to various other online brokerages, and this shows that Winbitx is truly top of the line when it comes to the asset index provided to its respective clients.

Again, you should still do a thorough analysis and rundown of which specific assets are available in each category beforehand as this will save you a lot of time and trouble, and you should also check your overall risk appetite and budget before you try to trade with any asset. With that being said, however, no matter what kind of asset you might be looking to trade with, there is a very strong possibility that Winbitx will have it listed, so you will seldom have to worry about a specific tradeable asset not being listed (although it does not hurt to check).

Trading platform

When it comes to Winbitx’s trading platform, there are few other online brokerages out there that can match the sheer quality which is provided to this broker’s clients. Straight off the bat, when you access Winbitx through its website, you will be greeted with a trading platform that is crisp, sleek, and looks highly professional. More importantly, though, this trading platform works incredibly well, and all the different functions available on it have do not have any kind of difficult learning curve, nor does the usage of the platform require any kind of complex installation or lengthy download process either. When you see a trading platform like this, you automatically begin to feel as if this could be the broker that you have been searching for all along.

There is a web-based trading platform provided by Winbitx, which is accessible through essentially any device that has a stable Internet connection. Moreover, these devices can also include your smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other similar device as you can also access this trading platform via the mobile-based trading platform provided by the broker as well. Furthermore, this broker utilizes the highly coveted and sought-after MetaTrader platform, which is one of the most highly advanced and lucrative trading platforms that you are likely to find in this industry.

What is even more impressive is that whereas other brokers would usually restrict the accessibility of the MetaTrader platform to either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, Winbitx offers access to both of these. In other words, both Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 trading platforms are available when you sign up with this broker, which just goes to show the kind of unmatched quality that Winbitx provides in every aspect, but specifically for its trading platform as well. Lastly, thanks to such an accessible and intuitive trading platform, you can either take your trading activities on the go, or you can trade comfortably while sitting at home.

Customer support

When you are trading online, the chances of encountering some kind of unexpected issue or problem may not be all that high, but it does happen, and so you should nevertheless not disregard such a possibility. This is because, in the event that you do encounter such a problem, you would ideally want it to be fixed as soon as possible, as by not having it fixed, you could face the risk of potentially ruining your entire online trading experience.

For example, not being able to log into your account due to some kind of glitch or error will result in you not being able to access your funds either, and this could lead to a catastrophic loss. It, therefore, should not come as any surprise that a great broker will also have fantastic customer support service, and this is exactly what you will get when you sign up with this broker as well.

The customer support team for this broker is thus trained and highly capable of helping Winbitx’s traders out at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, you will not have to wait long in order to receive a response from this team either, as it works consistently and constantly to make sure that all of the traders’ needs are catered to effectively and that all of the problems are solved in a timely fashion.

Regarding the process through which traders would actually get in touch with the aforementioned customer support team, you can use a few different options. First of all, you can schedule a call-back, or you can alternatively use the broker’s live support function as well. Additionally, you may fill out an online form that can be found under the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the website, and here you will have to enter your full name, email, a working phone number, country of residence, and a brief message detailing what your issue is.

Lastly, there is a highly useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section as well, which you should certainly check out as this section may hold the answer to your specific problem that you may be facing, and you can read about it here instead of getting in touch with the customer support team which is a much more time-effective strategy.


There are numerous educational resources that you will gain access to upon signing with Winbitx. Having access to such a diverse range of educational materials is as essential as any other aspect when choosing an online brokerage, as these resources will be able to help you become more experienced and gain some relevant knowledge within and about this industry. This knowledge is often needed as the online training sector is constantly evolving and adding new things to it.

So, there is a clear need for both new traders and experienced traders alike to consistently educate themselves on a long-term basis. The last thing that you would want is to not be in the know whenever a seismic shift happens to the online trading space that changes the way the entire industry may operate.

With that being said, the abovementioned educational resources which are provided by this broker involve access to both seminars and webinars, which are great opportunities to network with like-minded people, access to various eBooks, one on one training sessions with the market and industry professionals, a ‘Trading Academy’ as well as a ‘Help Centre.

Lastly, you will also be given access to a glossary that can be used in tandem with the aforementioned ‘Trader’s Guide’ and the FAQ section to further improve your understanding of the ins and outs of the online trading industry, as this will be of great assistance in helping you identify and understand various terms, concepts, definitions and subjects within this sector. Always remember that an educated and informed trader will be more likely to earn substantial profits.


The last point which shall be discussed has to do with the registration aspect of Winbitx. Signing up with this broker could not be any easier as all you would have to do is to once again navigate to the broker’s previously mentioned official website and click on the ‘Register’ button, which can be found quite easily, no matter which device you might be using.

Once there, you will be redirected to a registration online contact form, which will ask you to input some personal information about yourself such as your full name, a working email address as well as phone number, your country of origin, a strong password and the currency with which you would like to open your account. Right now, the only currencies which are available are USD, EUR and GBP. Additionally, we would recommend that you set a password using alphanumeric characters and note down the password somewhere safe and accessible just in case you may forget it.

Lastly, you will also have to certify that you are over 18 years old and that you agree to the broker’s respective terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy. You should take your time to read the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy as carefully as you can, as the last thing that you would want is to be is to sign up with Winbitx and be unaware of a key term or condition that may indirectly cause problems for you later. Once you have done all that, you can click on the ‘Register Now’ button, which can be found at the bottom of the form.

Afterwards, the broker will verify all of your information which should not take too long. At this point, Winbitx may also ask you to provide some extra documentation for verification purposes, although this will be done on an individual basis and may not be applicable for everyone. Still, you should be prepared to provide such documentation if need be, and so it will be a good idea to keep it on hand. This can include your utility bills, credit card bills, bank statements and anything else that can be used to prove your identity.

Final verdict

In conclusion, we can therefore see that Winbitx is an extremely reliable online brokerage and offers a lot of diversity as well as comfort and safety, which are all essential aspects to online traders these days. It uses the most cutting-edge encryption technology and reliable safety measures in order to safeguard its clients and the funds, as well as all personal information that could be deemed sensitive, and the broker would do its best to ensure that this kind of information does not fall into the wrong hands either.

The customer support service is great, and the trading platform is easy to navigate. The asset index is strong and diverse, and the educational resources are plentiful. There are also different account options that you can take a look at, which readily cater to the needs of each and every trader as well as individual-specific trading styles, needs and preferences. There is even an Islamic friendly account option for Muslim traders, and these account options have no interest involved whatsoever.

All in all, this is an absolutely amazing broker and one that you should definitely check out when you have the time to do so. If you have any further lingering queries, feel free to reach out to Winbitx, and a capable representative should get back to you shortly.

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