American Crypto Investors Demand Congress to Fully Embrace Crypto Support

A well-known Twitter account called the Digital Asset Investor, which claims to be for entertainment purposes, recently posted a statement by Ryan Selkis, the CEO and founder of Messari, a market intelligence platform. In this statement, Selkis advocated for the US to “restrict or prohibit” the seizure of cryptocurrencies. The Digital Asset Investor warned that if a “tyrannical government” attempts to seize crypto, it will compel investors to relinquish their assets or make the asset unworthy of holding.

Keep your assets, get rewarded

On March 19, the Digital Asset Investor tweeted that the primary concern always revolves around the possibility of retaining the assets and securing credit. The Investor highlighted the importance of maintaining the value of assets and accessing credit, which he called the “Epic issue.”

According to recent reports, on March 18, Selkis took to Twitter to express his lack of confidence in the impossibility of private property seizures. He further highlighted the need for Congress to provide explicit assurance that any attempts by the executive branch to seize digital assets such as Bitcoin, Gold, and other financial properties without due process should be deemed illegal. This call to action reflects the growing concerns among Americans regarding the safety and security of their digital assets.

After Selkis shared his tweet, Gordon Gekko, the chief architect of the meta-governance protocol PowerPool, proposed a novel addition to the Bill of Rights. He suggested that Congress should introduce a new right that protects an individual’s unrestricted ability to “manage digital assets freely on decentralized public ledgers” and never pass any legislation that hinders this right.

Selkis signals crypto concerns

Notably, on March 16, Selkis tweeted about several issues that Congress should examine, such as limits on crypto asset ownership as well as digital asset growth and security:

Notably, the CEO of Messari highlighted the need for Congress to strongly resist any measures directed at limiting the possession of cryptocurrencies. The CEO emphasized that all endeavors aimed at unfairly targeting or hindering the progress, availability, and safety of digital assets must be regulated by Congress.

When the Digital Asset Investor retweeted Selkis’ post, many US crypto enthusiasts eagerly shared their comments, stressing the importance of Congress promoting the crypto industry. Numerous tweeters suggested that exploring opportunities in other countries would be better if the US remained unsupportive of cryptocurrencies.

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