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Avalanche Consensus Protocol Falters with Block Issue

Avalanche (C chain), a lightning-fast and highly-secure blockchain network, recently suffered a setback when it hit an hour-long block generation glitch. Avalanche-dependent networks’ inability to generate new slabs sparked widespread concern across the blockchain industry.

Based on the most recent information from the Avalanche ledger explorer, there is still uncertainty about the network’s reliability and capacity to process high marketings. This is especially problematic since the speed and efficiency with which Avalanche transactions can be completed makes it a desirable choice for businesses and investors.

AVAX Co-Founder sheds light on block production problem

In reaction to the block production difficulty, Kevin Sekniqi, AVAX Co-Founder,  turned to Twitter to shed some light on the cause of the problem. According to Sekniqi, users who upgraded to version 1.9.12 were unaffected. In contrast, those stuck with 1.9.11 came across a check flaw that made it such that they couldn’t confirm an x-chain operation with the rest of the 1.9.12 nodes.

Due to the inability to reach a consensus, work was halted, impacting block production. However, Sekniqi reassured consumers that the network was secure, although unavailable during the incident, and asked those still using outdated versions to upgrade immediately to avoid such problems in the future.

Despite the setback, Sekniqi’s transparency and quick response to the issue demonstrated the team’s commitment to addressing technical issues and maintaining the trust of its user base.

Avalanche devs release v1.9.12 to fix the disruption

Following detecting the disturbances in their software, the Avalanche developers quickly published version 1.9.12 to aid in the resolution of the block production issue. This latest iteration addressed the check bug that disrupted block production, allowing the nodes to agree on x-chain transactions and resume the network’s progress.

With version 1.9.12, the Avalanche network can continue to provide fast and efficient transactions, solidifying its reputation as a leading blockchain platform.

Despite the speed with which the Avalanche developer team resolved the block manufacturing matter, it has been reported that Upbit and Bithumb, two South Korean crypto trading platforms, have reprimanded AVAX withdrawals and deposits out of consideration for potential pitfalls within the virtual currency ecosphere.

Due to a recent alteration in policy, Upbit and Bithumb’s cryptocurrency exchange platforms no longer permit AVAX deposits or withdrawals. As a consequence, communities of cryptocurrency traders who depend on these platforms are experiencing significant disruptions. It remains unclear how long this suspension will persist and whether other digital assets will be impacted.

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