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BitBoy Crypto Has Dropped the Defamation Lawsuit Against Atozy

Ben Armstrong, the person at the back of Bitboy Crypto (a YouTube Channel) declared to withdraw his defamation lawsuit against another YouTube creator named Erling Mengshoel Jr. – also known by his channel’s name “Atozy”.

Atozy Triumphs over Bitboy without Entering Legal Grounds

An official legal case was filed on the behalf of Armstrong on 12th August against Mengshoel as the petitioner claimed that he has been defamed by the defender through his video in which he labeled the petitioner as a scam promoter. The video was published on 21st November after Atozy learned that PAMP (a crypto project) was dishonestly promoted by Armstrong on the YouTube channel Bitboy just to earn individual gains.

The project PAMP’s end was unfortunate due to a rug pull. However, by asserting in the case filing that the petitioner has been emotionally stressed and his business relations have been impacted by Mengshoel’s video, Armstrong demanded $75,000 to meet the damages. Nonetheless, today, the petitioner openly decided to take back his lawsuit following a collection of above $200,000 by Mengshoel Jr. to manage his defense.

Armstrong elaborated in his video that he initially intended for the defender to just remove the video without facing any legal proceedings. However, he added, Atozy has now gathered a handsome amount and the well-known crypto podcasters/traders like Cobie are funding him up to $100,000 in the respect, the contention has gone beyond its earliest intentions. So, decided to withdraw the suit.

After that, Armstrong apologized for the matter becoming public in this way. He was again sorry for being misunderstood. Nevertheless, he clarified that the issue was not regarding only a lawsuit. According to him, when a person entails that one can be endangered by the SEC, it goes beyond being frivolous and becomes a severe issue. At the moment, the video of Atozy is even now placed on his channel and its views have crossed 190,000.

Atozy Waits for the Formal Dismissal of the Complaint

In a Livestream on Bitboy Crypto, Armstrong requested Mengshoel Jr. that he should at minimum edit the video’s offensive parts. Nevertheless, in the end, Armstrong has been the winner of the case. While giving his remarks on the issue, Atozy mentioned that he is even now waiting for formal confirmation from the lawyer thereof that the petitioner has dismissed the complaint without any prejudice.

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