Chainalysis Establishes Dubai Headquarter to Promote Crypto Adoption

Chainalysis Establishes Dubai Headquarter to Promote Crypto Adoption

On Wednesday, May 08, the renowned blockchain analytic firm Chainalysis officially launched a regional headquarters in Dubai. The newly launched office demonstrates Chainalysis’ commitment to building a strong regulatory atmosphere for crypto assets in the Middle East.

The Chainalysis team plans to collaborate with the local government and financial sector to restore the integrity of the financial industry. The Dubai office will oversee Chainalysis’ South Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and Middle East operations.

Chainalysis Opens Dubai Office

The Chainalysis team entered the vibrant Dubai market in 2021, aiming to provide innovative solutions that promote the growth of the digital sector. Since then, Chainalysis has actively been engaging the local authority to trace the movement of illicit funds.

The Chainalysis team has worked with the global law enforcers to bring down the notorious illicit groups, including the North Korean hackers Lazarus Group.

The blockchain analytic firm leverages the on-chain data to monitor and identify suspicious activities in the crypto industry. In its pursuit, Chainalysis has led the Dubai authority to implement best practices that bring innovation to the digital sector.

To promote the responsible use of crypto assets, the Chainalysis team has entered into strategic partnerships with several government agencies, including the UAE Ministry of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Application, and the Emirates NBD.

The collaboration with government agencies aims to offer civil servants an opportunity to upskill and keep up to date with emerging trends. The partnership with the fast-paced analytical firm seeks to equip the employees with fundamental skills in blockchain and crypto.

Suitability of Dubai Market

A statement from the chief executive officer, Michael Gronager, revealed that the blockchain forensic company has invested in promoting the growth of the crypto sector. The executive admitted that the potential of cryptocurrency depends on its ability to transfer value.

Gronager noted that crypto transactions have recently been on the rise. As the UAE seeks to become the leading crypto hub in the Arab country, Chainalysis will push for a high use case of digital assets in the region.

Based on the suitability of the Middle East, Chainalysis plans to support the growth of emerging technologies in India, Africa, and Central Asia. With the establishment of Dubai headquarters, the  Chainalysis team will recruit new talents in traditional finance (TradFi), Web3, and regulatory compliance.

The new hires will join the Chainalysis Dubai team. Elsewhere, the vice president of Chainalysis EMEA region, Nicola Buonanno, stated that the UAE crypto market was at the tipping point to of blossoming. He noted that institutional-sized transactions constitute the largest percentage of crypto activity.

Crypto Firms Seeking to Expand to Dubai

With the exciting growth of the crypto sector, Mr Buonanno noted that Chainalysis product offerings, including compliance, market intelligence, and data solutions, are important for the industry to thrive.

The launching of Dubai headquarters demonstrated Chainalysis’s commitment to offering a wide variety of products in tech and support services. He anticipates that the new office will assist local companies in tapping new opportunities in the digital sector.

The Dubai headquarters launched at a time when crypto firms have shown interest in expanding to the Middle East region. Dubai is believed to have easier access to global markets and favorable taxation regime than other jurisdictions.

Despite having stringent crypto rules, the benefits of establishing a company in Dubai outweigh the shortcomings. To ensure the responsible use of crypto and blockchain technologies, the Dubai Authority launched a new virtual assets regulatory authority (VARA) regulatory agency.

The VARA will enact rules for digital assets to promote consumer protection and maintain market integrity. The Dubai regulators will ensure that local businesses strictly conform to the anti-money laundering rules  (AML) and know your customers’ (KYC) standards to address the risk related to digital assets.

Irrespective of this, Dubai has a high-income economy accessible to diverse financial services and a large population of expats. The suitability of Dubai inspires leading crypto firms to apply for VARA licensing to expand their market presence in the region.

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