Coinbase’s Bold Move: International Expansion to Bypass US Crypto Limits

According to recent reports, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the US, has recently disclosed that it is in the early stages of launching another cryptocurrency exchange platform in a country other than the US.

Cryptocurrency exchanges face regulations

It should be noted that Coinbase still needs to disclose the location of its new exchange business. This comes when cryptocurrency exchange companies, including Coinbase, attempt to cope with increased regulatory pressure in the United States.

Recently, the cryptocurrency business has been under increasing pressure from regulatory authorities. The collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange in November 2022 catalyzed this trend’s acceleration.

Moreover, cryptocurrency-related concerns have caused several financial institutions, such as Signature Bank, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), and Silvergate Bank, to terminate their operations. This emphasizes the necessity for more thorough oversight and scrutiny of the crypto industry.

Crypto challenges don’t deter Coinbase

According to the most recent reports, despite the regulatory challenges and scrutiny that the cryptocurrency industry is currently facing, Coinbase continues to maintain an optimistic outlook regarding its potential and continues to work towards educating people all over the world about digital currencies. The company’s goals are to broaden awareness of the advantages of bitcoin and accelerate the rate at which it is adopted.

Coinbase has just filed an amicus brief in favor of the petition to dismiss the insider trading action launched by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against a former Coinbase product manager named Ishan Wahi and many other defendants.

The submission of the brief serves as evidence of Coinbase’s stance on the issue and the company’s support for the defendants in the lawsuit.

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