Crypto Conduct Authority Review – What Should You Know About Crypto Conduct Authority?

Crypto Conduct Authority Review

Crypto Conduct Authority logoCrypto Conduct Authority is a unique and trustworthy mediator for dispute solving in the crypto market. This platform provides services to resolve the disputes between brokers and traders. The team consists of professional consultants who give viable solutions to resolve the conflict between two parties. Consequently, they accept and work for better business plans. In this Crypto Conduct Authority review, I will discuss some of its most striking features.

About the Company

Crypto Conduct Authority is comprised of professional veterans and provides its services independently. This platform offers its services for crypto disputes solution. It has been working diligently for more than five years in this field. It provides services to both the brokers and traders. Its team of professionals finds out permanent practical solutions for disputes.

Crypto Conduct Authority website

The Services

Crypto Conduct Authority riddles out problems of clients and brokers related to cryptocurrencies. This platform assists professionals by working day and night for customers. The team provides instructional manuals and guidance to satisfy clients. They figure out a workable solution to disputes. Furthermore, the platform has developed educational content for fresh traders and newbies.

A Reliable Forum

The committed team of this platform resolves the issues between brokers and traders. This platform has many attributes like efficiency, honesty, integrity, and competence to resolve discord. All these features contribute to the reliability of this platform.

Resolution Process

Firstly, the customer files a complaint within 45 days after contacting the broker. Secondly, the team investigates the dispute immediately after receiving a complaint from the party. Thirdly, the collected details from the investigation period are used to make decisions, and the commission also collects data from rivals if necessary. Fourthly, brokers and clients are bounded to accept the decision within 14 days; otherwise, the application is considered close.


This platform disapproves of many companies that are scamming customers. The competent team of this platform has drafted a complete list of companies on the deny list. If you want to check the information and names of those companies, you should visit the forum.

User Interface

This platform has a unique interface where you can find many tools and buttons to resolve your disputes. They have developed a complaint cell where you can register your complaint. Crypto Conduct Authority user interface is easy to use for newbies. They have installed the unique option of live chat. Customers can experience this platform on desktop and Mac. You can also use Crypto Conduct Authority app on your mobile.

News Alerts

This platform has an option of news alerts where you can update yourself. You can get the news about new trends and advancements in the crypto world. This platform publishes content about scams and scandals and how to avoid these online scams, which are increasing daily. The feature of the latest news is helping newbies in the crypto world.

Traders School

The unique feature of the Crypto Conduct Authority is the trader school. This school delivers quality education related to businesses. They have very skillful trainers to train newbies and traders. This school is also helping experienced traders to polish their previous skills. This school enables new traders to learn business with professionals from scratch to experience level.

Customer care

This platform provides the best support to its clients. After registering your complaint, the Crypto Conduct Authority customer care team remains in contact with clients and provides every bit of information.

Contact Information

Crypto Conduct Authority provides the email, phone number, and postal address of its United Kingdom office on the platform’s landing page. They are available for the help of the clients every moment. If you want to contact them on their phone number and email address, you can get access to the contact information on their website.

Final Remarks

After discussing the above-drafted features of Crypto Conduct Authority, your trust on the platform will increase. Suppose you are facing any disagreement with your broker. In that case, you should not wait to get the services of the Crypto Conduct Authority.

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