Donald Trump Winning Bet Reaches All Time High After Assassination Attempt: Polymarket

Crypto Degen Made $7M Bet on President Biden Withdrawing from Election Race

Americans expressed different opinions on the election outcome days before the US general election. Some Americans expect the current President, Joe Biden, to abandon his reelection bid.

According to Polymarket, Americans have placed around $7 million in bets on the possibility of Joe Biden dropping out of the election race. The bet was placed days after the 2024 Presidential Election debate, where Biden and his competitor, Donald Trump, shared their manifesto.

Americans Predict President Biden to Drop Out of Election Race

The debate turned into a battle of wits when  Biden and Trump addressed the policy proposals accordingly, keeping in mind that the debate performance might determine the election outcome.

Even though it was evident that the two presidential candidates were prepared for the election, 385 of the Americans projected that Biden would drop out of the election race.  The Polymarket report demonstrated that the American wager on the election outcome totals $191 million. In  November, 63% of Americans believed that Trump would win the election.

The blockchain-based betting company  confirmed to have received $328 million during the US election. The Polymarket noted that some of the bets were completely unusual due to the competitive nature of the election.

Another $54,000 bet was on whether Biden will remain awake during the debate. The wagers predicted Biden would close his eyes for 3second during the discussion. The Polymarket data demonstrate the Americans expected different outcomes from the presidential debate.

The American made a $200000 bet on whether Biden will soil himself while standing at the podium. Another  $23,000  wager assessed the possibility of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. winning the election.

US Hosts Presidential Debates

The bet predicted Kennedy to win or grab the second position in the election. Other  28% of wagerers envisage Biden accepting crypto donations before August.  Polymarket shows that the bettor placed a $60 million bet predicting that the candidate would be appointed as the Democratic nominee in August.

The report shows that 60% of Americans believe Biden will win the nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate. Other candidates possibly winning the democratic party nomination included California Governor Gavin Newsom and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The probability of Kamara and  Newsom being nominated as the Democratic nominees averaged 16% and 8%.During the nomination, 7% of the bettors claimed that the Democratic nominee would be either the former first lady Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Having an underlying health condition, the bettors profiled Biden as  a loser in the upcoming election.  Polymarket data shows that after the election, some wagerers will reap huge benefits while others will lose their assets.

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