Crypto Enthusiast Plant Bitcoin Flag on Mount Everest

Crypto Enthusiast Plants Bitcoin Flag on Mount Everest

Dadvan Yousuf, a young crypto investor, made a significant move to raise the Bitcoin flag high. On X, Yousuf confirmed to climb the world’s largest mountain, Everest, to plant the orange flag.

The incredible journey to Mount Everest demonstrated Yousuf’s passion for Bitcoin and other crypto assets. The 23-year-old investor stated that the orange flag was to raise awareness on the need for sustainable financial education.

Bitcoiner Raises Bitcoin Flag on Top of Mount Everest

The journey to reach the 8849-meter summit of Mount Everest was faced with many challenges. Yousuf confessed it took around 50 days to reach the top of Mount Everest. Even though it wasn’t a solo trip, other climbers and sherpas accompanied Yousuf.

The Bitcoiners join the list of 7000 climbers to make it to the top of Mount Everest. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to discover the incredible journey to Mount Everest in 1953.

The Edmund trip to Everest challenged explorers to embark on the journey to the summit. Everest has been ranked among the most visited tourist sites worldwide for nearly two decades. The hype to explore Everest has attracted people from all walks of the world.

A recent report shows that around 300 people were reported dead on their trip to the peak of Mount Everest. Upon contacting Yousuf to enquire more about his journey to Mount Everest’s summit, the Bitcoiner confessed that he fell several times.

Challenges Faced in Hiking Mount Everest

Yousuf stated that the trip was not easy since he had a narrow escape from death after falling down the Hillary step. He recognized that the Sherpas assisted him in navigating to the top of Mount Everest.

The investor lamented he nearly lost his fingers after suffering from a severe frostbite. After overcoming the challenges, the Bitcoiner planted two flags at the summit of Mount Everest.

The first flag represented Kurdistan, while the other had a Bitcoin logo. Other climbers enquired more about what the two flags.

Yousuf confessed that his fellow climbers pledged to invest in the memecoin Pepe. He was pleased to state that some hikers enquired about the best places to purchase Bitcoin. In his group, Yousuf noted that the Sherpas were interested in investing in Bitcoin.

Interestingly, Yousuf joins the investors campaigning for crypto adaption on mountain peaks. In 2018, a group of hikers ascended to the summit of Mount Everest to plant a Ledger Wallet on the mountaintop.

While descending, they were struck by a storm, claiming the life of one of the hikers. On the beautiful scenery shared by Yousuf, the Ledger Wallet planted by the hikers was nowhere to be seen.

Crypto Enthusiast Invest in Raising Financial Awareness on Mountaintops

Early last year, a hiker financed his trip to Mount Kilimanjaro through Bitcoin. The hiker expedition to the peak of Kilimanjaro aimed at raising awareness of financial literacy through digital assets.

Yousuf efforts to raise awareness on crypto aligns with his personal goal. On February 28, Yousuf revealed plans to embark on the historical journey to Everest. He vowed to become the first Iraqi from Kurdish to ascend the top of Mount Everest.

Being an active crypto investor, Yousuf intends to push for the mainstream adoption of crypto assets. He made the first Bitcoin investment in 2011.

Since then, Yousuf has expanded his investment portfolio by including numerous crypto assets such as Ethereum (ETH) and other nonfungible tokens(NFTs). Besides crypto investment, Yousuf runs a successful business in Dubai.

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