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Crypto Executives Predict AI Concerns to Increase This Year

With the growing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, key industry players are exploring its benefits in various sectors. At the VanEck Blockchain Conference in Los Angeles, the participants examined the impact of integrating AI in blockchain-powered projects.

A statement from the creator of Project Kyzen 3D game, Tom Bilyeu, argued that with the development within the AI ecosystem, deep fakes are expected to increase by the end of this year.

Crypto Industry Leaders Project AI DeepFakes Concerns to Surge

A deepfake refers to computer-generated images that represent a human feature. The executive expressed concerns that as the US approaches the 2024 election, AI deepfakes will increase.

He regretted that if AI-generated deep fakes increase, the case of impersonation will be on the rise. Citing the impact of a recent incident where the AI-fueled deepfakes were used in impersonating the chairman of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor.

The executive predicts that once AI-generated deepfakes are introduced to blockchain technology, users will gain proof of authenticity. In his statement, Bilyeu argued that AI-generated deepfakes have posed as a threat.

Citing a recent publication, the Biden Administration revealed plans to tag authentic content using watermarks and respective cryptography to combat AI deepfakes. In the report, the White House official lamented that the growing popularity of AI deepfakes has impacted misinformation and data misrepresentation. This forced the Biden administration to take preventive steps against AI deepfakes.

Having been in the Web3 gaming industry for a long time, Bilyeu regretted that AI deepfakes would have a negative impact on the entire crypto ecosystem. Bilyeu has been an active contributor to Web3 games and health and wellness sectors.

Effect of AI-Generated Deepfakes

In 2016, Bilyeu launched the Impact Theory YouTube channel, which has over 4 million active subscribers. Besides being a well-known wellness expert, Bilyeu has demonstrated his commitment to redefining the gaming industry.

A few months ago, Bilyeu launched Project Kyzen, a digital platform with multiple gaming features such as digital avatars in the 3D sector. In the early development of the Project, Kyzen Bilyeu worked closely with former executives at Riot Games, Bank of America, and Disney.

Besides analyzing impact of AI deepfakes, Bilyeu revisited the impact of this technology on various industries. He noted that since the advent of OpenAI GPT-4, several developers have been accused of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

In December, the New York Times filed a lawsuit against OpenAI for copyright infringement. The media outlet claimed that OpenAI used numerous articles featured in the New York Times to train the AI models. In response to the allegation, the OpenAI claimed that the New York Times developed its own AI content as supporting evidence.

Convergence of AI and Blockchain Technology

OpenAI refuted the allegation that it did not use New York Times Publications to train AI systems. Citing the New York Times lawsuit, Bilyeu argued that it was important for the court to issue an interim directive to trace the person who created the content and identify where it was used inappropriately to settle the dispute.

He predicts that the impressive adoption of AI will attract growth to the blockchain ecosystem. Bilyeu anticipates that tech experts will leverage the power of AI to prove ownership of a project enlisted on blockchain technology under the digital ledger category.

The executive explained that AI integration on blockchain will allow the user to access proof of humanity and copyright ownership. He proposed that blockchain technology could alternatively be used to create scarcity and ensure digital assets maintain their value.

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