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CryptoMatex Review

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It was around ten years ago that cryptocurrencies were introduced. Since then, the trading world has experienced a massive increase in the number of users. Where there are traders, there have to be brokers as well. Just like CryptoMatex, many others exist too. But not every broker is up to the standard, and in this CryptoMatex review, you will understand why this is such a good broker.

Although cryptocurrencies were first introduced ten years ago, Bitcoin was the first to come. It took some time to become valuable and famous, but many other cryptocurrencies were introduced in the market. Back then, people were only aware of Bitcoin and Ethereum. These were the first two cryptocurrencies, and they also had such a high success rate. But soon after, other cryptocurrencies were introduced. Then due to the media and the web, everyone started to find out that crypto was a thriving trading asset.

Over time, the shift to digital mode has also increased. The same is the case with trading; once upon a time, physical assets would get exchanges. Or assets that could be seen or touched, a document of sort or a share in a company, for instance. But now, the time has come where we welcome digital assets. These assets cannot be seen nor held. Is that daunting for you? I would not be surprised if it were because traders are often hesitant to invest in something that lacks physical aspects. This is also why Bitcoin was not popular when it was first launched. Traders, especially those who were old-fashioned, refused to invest in a digital asset.

At times people would give away bitcoins to their employees or friends, or even strangers for free. Whereas now people invest massive amounts into it. The market value for Bitcoins has continued to increase, which has provided users with many benefits, such as increased profits. Just like Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies are also popular in the market. The best thing is that you can choose which crypto you feel the most comfortable with. Many brokers who are new to trading do not feel comfortable investing in profitable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin because the risk is also greater. But you do not need to worry because many cryptocurrencies have a lower risk rate.

But the most important thing is that you choose a partner that will be helpful. Who is your partner in online trading? Of course, the broker has to be a very experienced one; otherwise, you can lose all your investment. Although the market has many brokers that might seem reasonable, it isn’t easy to choose the right one because not every broker can fulfil the expectations. If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, it is even more critical for you to find a reputable broker. This will allow you to avoid any other risks, and that is why I have recommended CryptoMatex because it is a remarkable broker. With this broker, you will have the best trading experience, and usually, traders do not get the chance to enjoy their trades as the brokers lack certain qualities.

After checking out CryptoMatex and verifying its features and services, I realized that no other broker could compare. You will get access to some of the most advanced features at this brokerage firm, such as an outstanding trading platform. Secondly, despite CryptoMatex being a relatively new broker, it has acquired a lot of experience. But it would be best if you considered your safety before finalizing a broker. That is why I would recommend you read the review very carefully and decide if it is the type you are looking for. Whether it will provide you with the services you need to achieve your goals in the trading world or not, let’s look at what CryptoMatex is offering to its customers and whether it is living up to its reputation.

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Automated Trading At CryptoMatex

The trading world has massively changed in recent times. After the 21st century, we experienced how the advancement of technology completely changed the way of trading. This is why it is essential to keep yourself up to date with the new style of trading. This means letting go of the old-fashioned or traditional type of trading. Old fashioned trading is not as old as you might think; even the way people have been trading in the last ten years is not the way modern traders do. I say this because current-day trading includes many tools and features that were never present before. Traders then would have never imagined such tools existing shortly either.

CryptoMatex will provide its users with an automated system. This trading system executes your trades automatically, which means that you do not have to approve of it or take time out to analyze whether it is a good trade or not. The platform itself handles everything, and this allows users to enjoy their experience without having to worry. Now how is this better than the service other brokers provide? First of all, the average brokers require users to create an account on the platform, choose a trading account, access the trading platform, analyze the trading charts, choose the assets they are interested in, then trade them. Keep in mind that you have to execute your trades manually.

But CryptoMatex ensures that the customers get the chance to watch the trading happen. Because through average brokers, you get to choose which asset to trade and when. You also have to decide whether it is best to buy the asset or sell it. This is how you make profits by selling it or buying it in the market at the right time. And all brokers provide this manual method of trading. However, CryptoMatex is very advanced, and it does not put its users through this tiring process. Through this automated trading feature, you will enjoy the experience, as you can sit back and see how the system handles your trades. The system will exchange every single one of your trades.

Another great thing is that this system keeps an eye on market fluctuations. It analyses all the price changes and how specific assets become more valuable or less valuable at certain points. So the system is comprehensive with analyzing the market, and it collects all this data so that it can trade. The data helps to make wise trading decisions that are backed by solid market information. But you do not have to worry because the system ensures that a profit will be conducted. Many times users get concerned that this system might cause them losses instead of profits, but that is not the reality. The minute you earn profits, you will receive them in your private account. This is another reassuring factor as it makes sure traders do not worry about the place their funds are going.

Although the automated trading feature is fantastic and allows users to relax, many still get concerned that they do not have control. The system is indeed handling your trades, but you will always have control over the trades. Whatever your interests are in the trading market, they will be used by the system to design a trading method. Also, whatever trading style you are interested in will be adopted by the automated system, so you do not have to worry about being excluded.

Financial Advisors And Algorithms At CryptoMatex

Features such as financial advisors and algorithms are why CryptoMatex is the best brokerage firm to work with. Since the trading world is advancing rapidly, and modern-day traders are desperate for tools and services which speak of an advanced future, it is essential to choose a broker that provides such qualities. And I cannot think of a broker who could give all of the modern attributes except for CryptoMatex, of course. It is the only broker that has taken the role seriously because, till now, brokers seem to think traders are just a source of income. They use traders to get money, but it is not how it should be.

Even if they are brokers who are serious about providing a service to users, they cannot offer so many features at once. So one way or other, brokers do lack something, but CryptoMatex does not. Some brokers will provide you with a platform that is accessible through your phone, tablet, or computer. But either way, the quality of tools is very lacking because you are still trading manually at the end of the day. But is that the case with CryptoMatex? No, it is not because CryptoMatex is implementing Artificial Intelligence within its trading platform. This ensures that traders get the chance to experience the best trading method possible. Through Artificial Intelligence, your trades are quicker, and the decisions behind them are made wisely.

So what are other great features you can expect from CryptoMatex? It is that CryptoMatex provides a wide variety of assets. You can trade any of these, and you can also trade thousands of different exchanges simultaneously. What can be better than this feature? For you to save time and effort. But what is the mechanism behind simultaneous trades? It is the use of quantum computers that help the procedures to be very quick and efficient. These quantum computers are much more reliable and fast than you can imagine. No other computers can beat the speed of these, and is it not the best thing that they will handle your trading career? So the trades which you could have possibly missed will still be executed thanks to Artificial Intelligence. This is because there is always room for humans to make mistakes.

If you still doubt the system, then know that every decision is made very carefully. Your trading career or funds are not at risk because the system only goes through a trade after data has been analyzed. You will also have access to financial advisors. What is the role of a financial advisor? From the time you sign up at CryptoMatex till you make your trades, these financial advisors will be the source of help. They will guide you through your trades and the trading process. Through them, you will also learn about the trading market and create a plan for yourself. In this plan, you will have your financial targets, and it will help you remain focused on achieving your goal.

CryptoMatex financial advisors

Accounts At CryptoMatex

There are different types of traders. Depending on the experience of traders, there are different needs of every trader. For example, some are experienced enough to invest significant amounts of money in trading, while others have recently joined the market and are still learning. These traders are not able to invest vast amounts of money; instead, they take it slowly. To cater to every trader’s needs, CryptoMatex is offering multiple types of accounts, which will help traders choose the account according to their needs. I have done the research and listed a list of accounts provided by this platform below:

  • Basic Account

As the name tells us, this is the first type of account that is on this list. This account is designed for traders who have just joined the trading market. As they are still in the learning phase, this firm has created this account accordingly. A minimum deposit of 250 to 4,999 Euros is required, which means if you want to invest an amount in between this limit, you can open this account and enjoy its perks. The features are pretty basic, which includes 1:50 leverage, a no-risk deposit of up to 6%, and a 24/5 customer support service. If you are willing to access more features, you will have to look for the following account.

  • Silver account

This is the second type of account offered by CryptoMatex, which starts from a minimum deposit of 5,000 Euros and goes up to a maximum of 24,999 Euros. This account increases the leverage up to 1:100 and a risk-free deposit of 20%, which is suitable for intermediate traders. If you have learned the basics of trading, then you should go for this account type.

  • Gold account

If you are a professional trader and want to take your trading game to the next level, this account is designed. You will have to invest a minimum amount of 25,000 Euros, which can go up to a maximum limit of 99,999 Euros. This account type unlocks almost every feature offered by CryptoMatex, which includes increased leverage of 1:200, direct line to account executive, daily market reviews which will help you analyze the market better, free monthly webinars to enhance your trading skills, and a VIP mentorship program. There is no reason why you shouldn’t open this account if you are an experienced trader.

  • Platinum account 

This is the highest level of account that CryptoMatex offers. This means that this account is designed for the most experienced traders who have been trading for years. This account can be opened with a minimum deposit of 100,000 Euros and has no upper limit, which means you can invest as much as you want with this account. As an experienced trader, you deserve something more, and this account offers some exclusive features like a complete money management plan and free NFP trading signals to help you earn high profits.

Customer Support At CryptoMatex

Do you not want to have a good relationship with your broker? Because it is essential to get along with the company you work with. If there is no proper bond, both the company and user will find it hard to achieve success. But the great thing about CryptoMatex is that it is a very professional site, and so is the customer support team. So you will get the chance to enjoy the support system CryptoMatex provides for its customers. The group consists of members that are equally professional and knowledgeable about trading. Each of them is experienced when it comes to the trading world and is aware of a how-to guide and helps customers.

With CryptoMatex’s customer support team, you do not have to stress as the team is available for you at all times. You can always reach out to them and discuss your problem openly. This way, whenever you have an issue, it can be resolved immediately and efficiently. The customer support team is available 24 hours a day but only five times a week, so keep this in mind if you want to contact them.


When I was researching this brokerage firm, I understood how hard it is to find such good brokers. But coming across CryptoMatex made me happy as there are very few brokers which can satisfy customers’ needs. But for traders who are very serious about their trading careers and want to have an outstanding experience finding a broker matters a lot. And since the world is progressing, it is essential to advance with it. So why would you want to work with an old-fashioned broker? This is why choosing CryptoMatex is the best decision one can make. It will always provide you with tools and services that are highly advanced and modern. But now that I have displayed everything you should know about CryptoMatex, it is your responsibility to make the right decision. And choose a broker that will be considerate of you and will be able to cater to your needs.

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